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Jason - Diehard
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Photo: /player/jason02.jpg
Contact Phone: 0419 761 627
Email: j_ace7 at hotmail dot com
Bike ya have? 2017 Yamaha WR450F
Wot's ya Profile? Rode around the farm as a kid but stopped once I moved to the city. Got back into riding in 2006. I have four teenage sons who are now riding as well so is a great activity to do together.
Stylin' or holdin' on? Just like to get out and go where the trails lead. Always looking for new places and try new things. Really just want to improve my overall riding skills, meet some new mates and have fun.
Fave Spot? The Lakes/ Metro Road to North Bannister is the best I have found as it has lots of different terrain to test you. Love down south in amongst the Pines with nice loamy soil and don't even mind the pea gravel, just hate white sandy whoops!!. Adventure Rally and Capel are always great fun.
Howdyajoin? Found the site on the internet whilst away at work and looking for places to ride in Perth.
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (18/Mar/08)
27 Rides Last seen out in the last fortnight (25/Jun/22)
0 Awards None
321 Posts Last piped up in the last couple of days (05/Jul/22 8:16 am)
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25/Jun/22Capel 200 2022   
15/May/22Adventure Rally 2022   
26/Jun/21Capel 2021   
12/Sep/2043rd Ironstone Capel 200   
29/Jun/19Capel 2019   
19/May/19Adventure Rally 2019   
23/Jul/16Capel 2016   
25/Jul/15Capel - 2015   
30/Aug/14Ironstone Capel 200   
24/May/142014 Adventure Rally   
24/Aug/13Capel 2013   
17/Aug/1360 rides at 60   
26/May/132013 Adventure Rally   
01/Jul/12Capel 2012   
03/Jun/122012 West Coast Safari Tour.    
14/Apr/12Lucky 13   
06/Apr/12Good Friday - 30 blokes with God on their side   
04/Mar/12West Coast Trailbike Park Weekend   
02/Oct/11West Coast Safari Kids Weekend   
05/Jul/11Capel 2011   
05/Jun/11Honda Adventure Rally   
25/Apr/11Pinjar Pines   
09/Apr/111st big ride of the season   
30/Oct/10We might get lost   
04/Jul/102010 Capel 200.   
28/Jun/10Murchison Off Road Pony Express   
18/Mar/08Kwinana Requatic Centre   
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