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Fueltanker Allen - The one & only
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Photo: /gallery/007529.jpg
Contact Phone: 0438091201
Email: a underscore smithies at hotmail dot com
Bike ya have? 2010 KTM 400 EXC-R
Wot's ya Profile? I ride to get the same feeling a dog gets when it sticks it head out of a car window. I even ride with my tongue out in tricky sections.
Stylin' or holdin' on? I like huge wheelstands (sorry) "Monos" that go on forever. I can't do them but I intend to keep trying.
Fave Spot? Sand,sand and more sand. Put one rock on a beach and I'll hit it.
Howdyajoin? I was rebuilding an XR600 and the Crusty site came up on a Google search.
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (20/Dec/08)
121 Rides Last seen out dunno how long ago!? (10/Oct/20)
8 Awards 6 ROTDs and 2 SOTDs
579 Posts Last piped up more than a year ago (24/Feb/20 9:04 pm)
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10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
06/Jun/18Gnorth to Gnarloo   
25/Apr/18ANZAC ride 2018   
16/Sep/17Pingelly Adventure   
05/Aug/17Ravey 2017   
22/Jul/17Lotsa pines. Lotsa grip. No dust!    
08/Jul/17Call a ride and they will come!   
10/Jun/17An excellent ......long......ride   
29/Apr/17Seabird, Sand and Sweat.   
18/Mar/17OVT Stackarama   
27/Aug/16Pub to pub pub. And some tracks in between.   
04/Jun/16A dingo ate my noodles  SOTD
30/Apr/16Wire and Rope    
16/Apr/16Too long between drinks or I'm too unfit & injured   
26/Sep/15Mt Augustus   
08/Aug/15Red sky in the Morning.   
25/Jul/15Stack of the day comp!!   
20/Jun/15Hooter - The Caller   
12/Jun/15Rain Friday   
01/May/15No Rain Friday!   
11/Apr/15One lonely Yamaha...   
21/Feb/15The Happy Birthday ride    
02/Jan/151st Adventure Ride for 2015   
29/Nov/14Andy's Northern Hills ride   
22/Nov/14Steve's Hill   
20/Sep/14Supreme Leader, more like Ham & Pineapple   
01/May/14Perth - Cape York - Perth   
15/Mar/14Cass's Carnage Ride    
01/Mar/14Holland Track   
01/Feb/14It's not a KTM450!   
03/Jan/141st Adventure ride 2014   
15/Nov/131st Adventure Test Ride ROTD  
19/Oct/13Horizons Unlimited    
24/Aug/13Wongan and Back.   
17/Aug/13Mick's Load of Bull Ride.   
10/Aug/13Andy400s OVT bash.   
03/Aug/13Antt @ The Lakes   
27/Jul/13A Rainy Day in the Hills   
19/Jul/13The gates are coming   
22/Jun/13Allen turns 80 during the Winter Solstice   
08/Jun/13Williams Pub   
01/Jun/13Tom Pike memorial ride   
04/May/13Somewhere in the Hills   
27/Apr/13The long way to Boddington   
23/Apr/13Gotta be better than working   
13/Apr/13Where the hell is Clackline?   
28/Dec/12Esperance Ride   
01/Dec/12DRZ Ride Day   
20/Oct/12Toe Towing Works   
06/Oct/12Ross the Boss    
29/Sep/1299 kilometres of fun.   
15/Sep/12Don't say I don't take you anywhere new!   
08/Sep/12Busted Pipe Ride.   
04/Aug/12Olympic Ride   
14/Jul/12Nathan's 6 out of 10 ride.   
07/Jul/12Buttsys Ballbuster MKII   
30/Jun/12This one time, on Micks ride...   
16/Jun/12OVT heading North East.   
09/Jun/12Easy Eastys Call   
26/May/12Allens ridgetop ride - 40 more to go...   
19/May/12Mick & Tommy - The Double Ton   
28/Apr/12This is not a beginner's ride.   
11/Feb/12Usual tracks Usual dust Usual Punctures   
05/Feb/12Micks great tracks and crack   
14/Jan/12Buttsys Ballbuster   
07/Jan/12Tommys Dakar ROTD  
17/Dec/11Last ride of the year?   
10/Dec/11Andys Discovery Tour   
19/Nov/11Dora the Explorer   
06/Nov/11Allen is a Legend ROTD  
28/Oct/11Tommys CHOGM   
08/Oct/11On Any Sanday   
17/Sep/11Lost in Translation   
10/Sep/1112 go out, 11.9 come back   
03/Sep/11Hills a Hangover and a Husaberg   
27/Aug/11Mud, Rocks & Single Trail   
20/Aug/11The Lost Boys   
22/Jul/11Jackos New Tyre   
18/Jun/112011 West Coast Safari Tour   
04/Jun/11Allens sand, hill climbs, and whoops ROTD  
21/May/11Micks WC - Training Ride   
14/May/11Swamp Fire!   
16/Apr/11Jackos Mystery Tour   
09/Apr/111st big ride of the season   
13/Feb/11OVT- What dust!!   
13/Nov/10What could possbily go wrong.   
30/Oct/10We might get lost   
23/Oct/10Andrew and Gavins Day Out  SOTD
17/Oct/10Wrex wrecked em   
09/Oct/10Lighting does strike DRZs twice   
02/Oct/10What Grand Final! Ride.   
21/Aug/10Daring Darins Explorer   
07/Aug/10Crusty Carnage   
10/Jul/10Great swim today Mick   
26/Jun/10CQ trackers of the North ROTD  
19/Jun/10X's Metro 19 minus 1   
05/Jun/102010 West Coast Safari   
15/May/10Somewhere New ROTD  
24/Apr/10ANZAC day ride.   
17/Apr/10Jackos Far Ride East   
02/Apr/10Hell Good Friday   
21/Mar/10Jackos Dusty Dash   
06/Mar/10If the gates unlocked   
13/Feb/10Darins dustbusters   
06/Feb/10Hs way - Lano   
23/Jan/10Micks new light night ride.   
10/Jan/10Dakar rest day   
28/Nov/09Carlos Call   
24/Nov/09Carlos Return   
07/Nov/09Suck it & See Tour   
17/Oct/09Micks Desert Crossing   
30/May/09Cols Cataby Call   
23/May/09Wrexs Rainy Ride   
07/Mar/09Lano - Cervantes   
15/Feb/09Dust? What dust!   
07/Feb/09Micks Lost in the Sand Tour   
17/Jan/09Wedge and Return   
20/Dec/08Christmas Dash   
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