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ToddHusqy - Two Stroke Todd
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Photo: /gallery/005342.jpg
Contact Phone: 0439321563
Bike ya have? 2012 KTM 450 EXC-R
Wot's ya Profile? got the bug as a young bloke and have'nt been able to shake it
Stylin' or holdin' on? upright, preferably
Fave Spot? sand, gravel, tar, anything, love it
Howdyajoin? found on the net and its all good
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (10/Oct/09)
108 Rides Last seen out in the last six months (25/Sep/21)
7 Awards 5 ROTDs and 2 SOTDs
319 Posts Last piped up in the last six months (26/Sep/21 12:49 pm)
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25/Sep/21Pre Grand Final ride   
26/Jun/21Capel 2021  SOTD
16/May/21Adventure Rally 2021   
01/May/21Dropping like flies   
13/Apr/21Tight Arse Tuesday   
19/Dec/20Covid Christmas Drinks   
14/Nov/20November Rain   
10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
22/Aug/20Todds 100th ROTD  
08/Aug/2020th Anniversary - Post Sawyers ride drinks   
31/Jul/20Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky   
18/Jul/20Big 4s Country   
01/Jun/20Whoops are like KFC...   
09/May/20Mickkals Tanks Ride   
14/Dec/19Xmas 2019 - CQ's couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery   
12/Oct/19Tigers 100th  SOTD
14/Sep/19JB500 2019   
07/Sep/19Best Woky Ever   
27/Jul/19Nannup camp out July 2019   
06/Jul/194 Became 3   
15/Jun/19Tommy’s 2Fiddy   
01/Jun/19Bush Chooks Campout   
24/Nov/18Christmas drinks at the Vic   
21/Jul/18Storm Dodgers   
14/Jul/18Red Submarine   
07/Jul/18The Bell Moto 3 Retro Ride   
16/Jun/18skinny bike adventure ride   
14/Apr/18A dusty day in April   
23/Sep/17Norn Hills Ride   
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks   
12/Aug/17Perth Kamfari    
22/Jul/17Lotsa pines. Lotsa grip. No dust!    
27/May/17JNR Simos suspension clinic   
29/Apr/17Seabird, Sand and Sweat.   
18/Mar/17OVT Stackarama   
17/Dec/16Christmas get together 2016   
17/Sep/16No Rain Campout 2016   
02/Jul/16Metro to N Bannister   
25/Jun/16 Kneed it ride   
31/Jan/16January Rain   
08/Jan/16Laos 2016 Comedy of errors   
12/Dec/15Drunk & Stupid   
07/Nov/15Woky, FourTwo Strokes & One Four Stroke   
26/Sep/15Mt Augustus   
15/Aug/15Kale and Wheatgrass blended drinks?    
01/Aug/15Cruizy Woky Ride   
25/Jul/15Stack of the day comp!! ROTD  
11/Jul/15Tommys Dry July cold camp out ride   
05/Jul/15Blue Rinse Set   
20/Jun/15Hooter - The Caller   
13/Jun/151 broken bike & 2 lost blokes or Tommy the Bastard   
01/Jun/15Winter Adv Ride   
24/May/15Call of the Hooter   
16/May/15Back in Black - The Return of Choko   
02/May/15Who brings a knife to a gunfight   
11/Apr/15One lonely Yamaha...   
28/Mar/15South West Extravaganza Adventure Ride   
07/Mar/15I'm going for a ride on my Tennere   
10/Jan/15Sawyers to Dwellingup   
13/Dec/14Christmas drinks at the Universal Bar.   
26/Oct/14Jnr Lakes    
11/Oct/14No Country for Old Men   
09/Aug/14The Long Ride   
26/Jul/14Ross's 100th made us moist   
28/Jun/14DILLIGAF Tour Number 1   
01/May/14Perth - Cape York - Perth   
29/Mar/14Todds Cervantes Run   
01/Mar/14Holland Track   
27/Dec/13Collie Run   
07/Dec/13Christmas 2013   
06/Oct/13Rothy's Sunday Session   
14/Sep/13Camp out    
18/Aug/13Steptoe & Son   
29/Jun/13Toddys Grip it n Rip - we need more wood! ROTD  
25/Apr/13Backtracko Jacko   
13/Apr/13Skullmans Perfect day ride    
29/Mar/13Very Good Friday   
15/Sep/12Don't say I don't take you anywhere new!   
25/Aug/12Todds Call   
04/Aug/12Olympic Ride   
07/Jul/12Buttsys Ballbuster MKII   
16/Jun/12Todds Campout    
09/Jun/12Pounce turns 100   
21/Apr/12200ks with Jacko   
12/Apr/12Jeff & Todd in India   
04/Feb/12Todds Sore Arse Ride   
21/Jan/12Summer fun with Tommy   
06/Nov/11Allen is a Legend   
28/Oct/11Tommys CHOGM   
09/Oct/117, then 12, then 8   
20/Aug/11The Lost Boys   
10/Jul/11Jackos 50th   
02/Jul/11Return of Iron Maiden   
25/Jun/11Follow the KLX   
07/May/11The no TZ Bremer Bay & Ravines tour    
27/Mar/11Bills Hills & Thrills   
13/Feb/11OVT- What dust!! ROTD  
25/Dec/10Thailand Xmas 2010   
04/Dec/10Long Ride south    
27/Nov/10Return to Lano   
17/Oct/10Wrex wrecked em   
10/Jul/10Great swim today Mick   
27/Mar/1021 today...   
19/Dec/09Lano - Cervantes Dash ROTD  
22/Nov/09Lano - how far can you go on a tank?   
17/Oct/09Micks Desert Crossing   
10/Oct/09A Spill in the Hills.   
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