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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Andy400 - Legend
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Photo: /gallery/006908.jpg
Contact Phone: 0418 225 884
Email: andy400cq at gmail dot com
Bike ya have? 2011 Suzuki DRZ 400
Wot's ya Profile? Rode with my best mate when I was about 6yo - Honda Z50 - and was hooked. First bike at 14 - DT360 - spent more time kicking it over than riding. At last count on my 19th bike but many baron (bike less) years inbetween.
Stylin' or holdin' on? As fast as I can. If I don't fall off at least once I'm not pushing hard enough (would prefer not to, close calls also count)
Fave Spot? Anything with hills, single trail and water. I'm soo over whoops.
Howdyajoin? Internet
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (09/Apr/11)
59 Rides Last seen out more than 6 years ago (03/Sep/16)
9 Awards 5 ROTDs and 4 SOTDs
618 Posts Last piped up more than a year ago (21/Feb/21 8:39 am)
Last bunch'o rides
03/Sep/16Easy Easy  SOTD
13/Aug/16Pinjar family clean up   
06/Aug/16sunshine on a cloudy day   
25/Apr/16Wet As   
21/Apr/16Rub gravel on your balls   
26/Aug/15Top Call Thomas   
29/Nov/14Andy's Northern Hills ride   
07/Jun/14Report - Collin with 2 Ls   
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