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JNR - 🌭sausage king🌭
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Photo: /gallery/010203.jpg
Contact Phone: 0412852601
Email: jnr_simmo at hotmail dot com
Bike ya have? 2020 KTM 300 EXC
Wot's ya Profile?
Stylin' or holdin' on?
Fave Spot?
Howdyajoin? internet
First Ride First seen out more than 9 years ago (02/Sep/12)
133 Rides Last seen out in the last month (03/Jan/22)
9 Awards 7 ROTDs and 2 SOTDs
640 Posts Last piped up in the last month (03/Jan/22 6:13 pm)
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03/Jan/22Two flats at the same time   
30/Oct/21Sawyers Good Enduro II   
02/Oct/21OVT Beer n Ribs   
04/Sep/21The Three Big Bores   
21/Aug/21Tommy's 300th   
24/Jul/21Adversity Makes Memories   
10/Jul/21120% Wet    
26/Jun/21Capel 2021   
12/Jun/21Too much Water ROTD SOTD
16/May/21Adventure Rally 2021   
08/May/2160ks ain't far   
01/May/21Dropping like flies   
05/Mar/21The season opener   
06/Feb/21Tommys Wonder Out Yonder South West Adv ride   
28/Nov/20Single track adventure riding   
14/Nov/20November Rain   
17/Oct/20Sawyers Man on Man ride   
02/Oct/20Jack's Epic Northcliffe 2020   
12/Sep/2043rd Ironstone Capel 200   
05/Sep/20Seven plus fourteen equals OMG!   
22/Aug/20Todds 100th   
25/Jul/20Mickkal 100   
04/Jul/204th July Ride   
27/Jun/20The Woky Alternative   
06/Jun/20One more time at Woky   
05/Jun/20Mosquito Fleet ROTD  
01/Jun/20Whoops are like KFC...   
30/May/20 Fill it up then throw it Down Ride   
09/May/20Mickkals Tanks Ride   
05/May/20Always waiting for Jinxy   
02/May/20Covid restrictions relaxed   
20/Mar/20Freaky Friday   
07/Mar/20New Leader New Toy   
08/Feb/20Lol Gray, No chopper required ride. ROTD  
14/Dec/19Xmas 2019 - CQ's couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery   
30/Nov/19Bully 2 Toodjay n back   
17/Nov/19Dwelly 300 ROTD  
02/Nov/1920 left - 9 returned   
09/Oct/191st day of retirement   
05/Oct/19Two Knives at a Gun Fight   
21/Sep/19Dad wit da kids   
07/Sep/19Best Woky Ever   
25/Aug/19Brookton Pony 3 2019   
10/Aug/19Pounces 200th   
09/Jul/19Steep Point 2019   
29/Jun/19Capel 2019   
15/Jun/19Tommy’s 2Fiddy   
01/Jun/19Bush Chooks Campout ROTD  
19/May/19Adventure Rally 2019   
04/May/19Ride in Reverse ADV ride   
19/Apr/19Mad Dogs and an Irishman   
06/Apr/19Winter is coming ride   
19/Mar/192 Sandgropers & Eddie   
10/Mar/19Tommys March adventure ride to Pingelly   
28/Dec/18Laos 2019   
03/Nov/18Par/Crusty’s ride Mundaring to Jarradale   
20/Oct/18No Warm Up   
21/Sep/18Holland Track 2018   
08/Sep/18The JJ-90    
11/Aug/18Bucket and spade not included   
28/Jul/18Rally Rave and Rally Rescue   
14/Jul/18Red Submarine   
30/Jun/18Capel 2018   
17/Jun/18The Poker Run   
20/May/18Katie M Adventure Rally   
21/Apr/18The Hooter-Less Ride   
17/Feb/18Tommy flows nicely ride   
10/Feb/18Colins Cully run   
27/Jan/18Tommy's Bullsbrook/ Dakar Run   
13/Jan/18JNR looses his virginity    
17/Dec/17Cass V Roo   
14/Oct/17Lano 250    
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks  SOTD
26/Aug/17Camp at Woky   
29/Jul/17Hooters Lead   
15/Jul/17Junior's Lakes Ride   
01/Jul/17Capel 2017   
17/Jun/17Misty morning    
27/May/17JNR Simos suspension clinic ROTD  
24/May/17Hooters mid weak special   
06/May/17T&E Brookton Sprint Report   
22/Apr/17Tommy's 200th   
11/Feb/17A winter ride in summer   
30/Jan/17Where’s my Tool Bag Ride ROTD  
17/Dec/16Christmas get together 2016   
03/Dec/163 new KTM's and a Gas Gas   
10/Sep/16Dazed n Confused   
26/Aug/16Friday at Sawyers   
02/Jul/16Metro to N Bannister   
14/Jun/16Finke Desert Race   
22/May/162016 Adventure Rally   
21/Apr/16Rub gravel on your balls   
11/Mar/16Finke training run #2   
06/Dec/15Lakes area   
04/Oct/15Sunday out at the lakes   
12/Sep/15Finke practice run   
26/Aug/15Top Call Thomas   
21/Aug/15Is the pub open   
11/Apr/15One lonely Yamaha...   
07/Mar/15Clean up day 2015   
02/Feb/15A Wet Monday in Febuary   
02/Jan/15Night Ride at OVT   
06/Dec/14Bikes, Dust, Ticks & Beer - Australias Summer   
08/Nov/14Don't Rev the Tits off it   
26/Oct/14Jnr Lakes    
11/Oct/14No Country for Old Men   
26/Sep/14Pony Express Practice   
30/Aug/14Ironstone Capel 200   
16/Aug/14Juniors Call   
03/Aug/14West Coast Ride Park    
19/Jul/14Spoilt for Choice   
05/Jul/14Finished before the Pub Opens or CM's Moist Morning.   
28/Jun/14Sawyers Valley RIde   
29/Mar/14Todds Cervantes Run   
15/Mar/14Cass's Carnage Ride    
16/Aug/13Woky it was very very very wet and slippery and Brutal    
03/Aug/13Antt @ The Lakes   
02/Aug/13Another 2 flats at the OVT   
20/Jul/13Curiosity Killed the Cat   
19/Jul/13The gates are coming   
06/Jul/13 Fast n Furious at the woky    
05/Jul/13Husaberg Suspension Clinic ride   
23/Jun/13The Lakes   
21/Jun/134 Punctures and a Funeral   
26/May/132013 Adventure Rally   
13/Oct/12Another OVT Ride   
15/Sep/12Don't say I don't take you anywhere new!   
14/Sep/12KTM Day   
02/Sep/12Fathers Day   
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