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MickKal - Superstar
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Photo: /gallery/011669.jpg
Contact Phone: 0427988637
Email: smkalp at yahoo dot com
Bike ya have? 2017 KTM 300 EXC
Wot's ya Profile? I have been riding bikes since I was 8 years old, I raced enduros around Bunbury from 1975 to 1985 and then gave it away for 25 years. I have only recently got back into it to go riding with my son. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and was impressed by how much the bikes have improved. Bikes I have owned Honda QA50, Honda Elsinore MR50, Yamaha YZ80A, DT175A, Yamaha MX125B, Yamaha YZ125E, IT175D. More recently a XL250(what was I thinking), KTM450exc, KTM525exc, DR650, KTM250 Freeride, IT250H and now a Husky WR390, KTM 500 EXC and an ktm 300 EXC
Stylin' or holdin' on? Like the twisty stuff and hate any track that has whoops.
Fave Spot? Hills and single tracks in Perth hills.
Howdyajoin? Google
First Ride First seen out more than 9 years ago (23/Sep/12)
126 Rides Last seen out in the last fortnight (14/Jan/22)
15 Awards 13 ROTDs and 2 SOTDs
586 Posts Last piped up in the last fortnight (15/Jan/22 6:29 am)
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14/Jan/22Shanes ride to Guilderton   
04/Dec/21Escaping for the weekend    
23/Oct/21Northcliffe 2021   
03/Oct/21Jarradale to Wandering ADV   
25/Sep/21Pre Grand Final ride   
07/Aug/21East Single tracks and Mud   
10/Jul/21120% Wet    
26/Jun/21Sawyers 200 Enduro   
08/May/2160ks ain't far   
01/May/21Dropping like flies   
13/Apr/21Tight Arse Tuesday   
05/Mar/21The season opener   
06/Feb/21Tommys Wonder Out Yonder South West Adv ride   
19/Dec/20Covid Christmas Drinks   
21/Nov/20Brookton easy Adv   
14/Nov/20November Rain ROTD  
17/Oct/20Sawyers Man on Man ride   
02/Oct/20Jack's Epic Northcliffe 2020   
26/Sep/20Pounces Pet Python   
20/Sep/20Start Ya Bastard Ride   
05/Sep/20Seven plus fourteen equals OMG!   
28/Aug/20OVT Blast from the Past Ride   
22/Aug/20Todds 100th   
08/Aug/2020th Anniversary - Post Sawyers ride drinks   
08/Aug/20Pre Drinks sawyers Ride   
31/Jul/20Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky   
25/Jul/20Mickkal 100 ROTD  
27/Jun/20The Woky Alternative   
30/May/20 Fill it up then throw it Down Ride   
09/May/20Mickkals Tanks Ride   
05/May/20Always waiting for Jinxy   
28/Apr/20Dwelly Elbow Bump ADV ride   
20/Mar/20Freaky Friday   
08/Feb/20Lol Gray, No chopper required ride.   
14/Dec/19Xmas 2019 - CQ's couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery   
07/Dec/19Lol Gray ride not lol ROTD  
02/Nov/1920 left - 9 returned   
12/Oct/19Tigers 100th   
21/Sep/19Quick Did The Trick!   
07/Sep/19Best Woky Ever   
18/Aug/19Boiling Bikes   
10/Aug/19Pounces 200th   
27/Jul/19Nannup camp out July 2019   
13/Jul/19Woky in July   
29/Jun/19Too many rocks   
15/Jun/19Tommy’s 2Fiddy   
01/Jun/19Bush Chooks Campout   
04/May/19Ride in Reverse ADV ride   
06/Apr/19Winter is coming ride   
03/Feb/19Middle of Metro   
06/Jan/19The Ride To Redemption   
02/Dec/18Sawyers Valley Ride   
04/Nov/18Pub with no Beer   
18/Aug/18The warped disc ride   
11/Aug/18Muddy hills ride   
28/Jul/18Rally Rave and Rally Rescue   
21/Jul/18Storm Dodgers   
07/Jul/18The Bell Moto 3 Retro Ride ROTD  
30/Jun/18Capel 2018   
04/Jun/18WA Day Blast   
26/May/18Mad Snails Tea Party   
12/May/18token kiwi recruits token Italians   
05/May/18Lunchbox Rally Ride   
14/Apr/18A dusty day in April   
01/Apr/18April Fools - The Fork You Ride ROTD  
17/Mar/18a Adventure Ride   
24/Feb/18Shortys Shorts   
10/Feb/18Colins Cully run   
22/Dec/17Christmas drinks 2017   
05/Dec/17Two old men and Eddie   
18/Nov/17Short Arse Storm Troopers ROTD  
28/Oct/17Virgin Adventure Ride   
23/Sep/17Norn Hills Ride   
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks   
09/Sep/17Pre drinks ride ROTD  
26/Aug/17Camp at Woky   
12/Aug/17Perth Kamfari    
22/Jul/17Then there were 7.   
15/Jul/17It's too cold to go for an ADV ride   
01/Jul/17Darin and the fence sitting fockers   
24/Jun/17The longest single trail ever   
10/Jun/17An excellent ......long......ride ROTD  
27/May/17JNR Simos suspension clinic   
13/May/17Red Dog Adventure ride ROTD  
24/Apr/17Mickkals Explore   
18/Feb/17Dawn to Dusk Adventure Ride   
04/Feb/17The post-apocalyptic trail to the pub   
30/Jan/17Where’s my Tool Bag Ride   
08/Oct/16The fantastic five   
17/Sep/16No Rain Campout 2016   
03/Sep/16Rob @ Woky   
13/Aug/16Sawyers early finish ROTD  
09/Jul/16Fair Weather Faeries   
25/Jun/16 Kneed it ride   
04/Jun/16Northern hills ride today  SOTD
26/Jan/16Australia Day 2016   
12/Dec/15Drunk & Stupid   
31/Oct/15MickKaloween ROTD  
25/Jul/15Stack of the day comp!!   
04/Jul/15Spikes Call ROTD  
21/Jun/1521st Diehard Ride   
02/May/15Who brings a knife to a gunfight   
22/Mar/15Simply Irresistible Woky   
18/Mar/15Wheredaforkarewe wockie wednesday works ride   
04/Feb/15One wet Wednesday in February.    
27/Nov/14Steamy Thursday Lakes Ride  SOTD
22/Nov/14Steve's Hill   
05/Oct/14Kevin Bloody Wilson   
23/Aug/14That Hill again ROTD  
26/Jul/14Freeride in the Northern Hills   
19/Jul/14Spoilt for Choice   
10/May/14Googleless Ride   
18/Apr/14Not so Good Friday   
23/Mar/14Jacko Tonne or Darin is back   
13/Jul/13Antt's Magical Lakes Tour + Peter is 150!   
01/Jun/13Tom Pike memorial ride   
18/May/13The Godfather   
04/May/13Somewhere in the Hills   
16/Mar/13It rains in Autumn    
01/Dec/12DRZ Ride Day   
03/Nov/12The longest ride East   
23/Sep/12the un named ride...   
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