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husq mike - Old man of the C
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Photo: /gallery/008333.jpg
Contact Phone: 0403 140 314
Email: mikedotpike73 at gmail dot com
Bike ya have? 2017 KTM 300 EXC
Wot's ya Profile? Had dirt bikes since 15y.o. In those days big heavy Pommie 4 strokes were the go. Rode scrambles till they became motocross. Then after that, putted around on DT250 for a few yrs. In '82 bumped into a T&E guy who introduced me to Enduros. Had a wasted period from 1992 to 2000 with no bike. I must have been on something. Bought a 2nd hand TE410 and rode casually with mates and kids. Jacko got the bug a couple of years ago and finally got me back to Crusties. Bought a TE510 which I loved. Current bikes DRZ400 (Black Pig) and EXC300 Husky Mikes Youtube
Stylin' or holdin' on? Used To like 2 strokes when younger. Last few years on 4 Strokes.Now back on 2 stroke just for a change.Enjoy a bit of a spurt occasionally on the right tracks. Can't wheel stand to save my life.
Fave Spot? Ridden in most terrain but prefer slippery mud, tight gnarley tracks with steep uphill and downs. Sand and whoops I tolerate, but can do without too much. Not a fan of high speed fire breaks. The Wokky clay hills in Winter would be the favorite area.
Howdyajoin? Invited along to a Pippy ride in 2004.
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (20/Nov/04)
143 Rides Last seen out in the last month (03/Oct/21)
15 Awards 7 ROTDs and 8 SOTDs
662 Posts Last piped up in the last fortnight (07/Oct/21 10:57 am)
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03/Oct/21Jarradale to Wandering ADV   
21/Aug/21Tommy's 300th   
24/Jul/21Adversity Makes Memories   
10/Jul/21120% Wet    
30/May/21Adventure Rally 2021 De-sign    
16/May/21Adventure Rally 2021 ROTD  
01/May/21Dropping like flies   
13/Apr/21Tight Arse Tuesday   
10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
08/Aug/2020th Anniversary - Post Sawyers ride drinks   
31/Jul/20Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky  SOTD
25/Jul/20Mickkal 100   
15/Jul/20Mikes Midweek meander   
08/Jul/20Mike & Pounce   
04/Jul/204th July Ride   
05/Jun/20Mosquito Fleet   
01/Jun/20Whoops are like KFC...   
23/May/2095 and a bit.   
07/Sep/19Best Woky Ever   
18/Aug/19Boiling Bikes   
10/Aug/19Pounces 200th   
13/Jul/19Woky in July   
01/Jun/19Bush Chooks Campout   
28/Dec/18Laos 2019   
24/Nov/18Christmas drinks at the Vic   
21/Sep/18Holland Track 2018   
15/Sep/18The Pikey 2 Day   
18/Aug/18The warped disc ride   
11/Aug/18Muddy hills ride   
23/Jun/18grumpy ole men hills tour   
02/Jun/18Search for the phone ride   
25/Apr/18ANZAC ride 2018   
22/Dec/17Christmas drinks 2017   
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks   
09/Sep/17Pre drinks ride   
26/Aug/17Camp at Woky   
05/Aug/17Rothy's Birthday Ride   
29/Jul/17Hooters Lead   
22/Jul/17Then there were 7.   
19/Mar/17Woky in March   
22/Oct/16Wokalup Camp - Mikes 100th   
13/Oct/16Competa ride   
03/Sep/16Rob @ Woky   
27/Aug/16Not the september sleepout   
13/Aug/16Sawyers early finish   
06/Aug/16sunshine on a cloudy day   
11/Jun/16Trust the GPS   
30/Apr/16Mikes Call   
07/Nov/15Woky, FourTwo Strokes & One Four Stroke  SOTD
03/Oct/15Metro Old fellas poke around   
19/Sep/15Dynamax gets his first award   
12/Sep/15slippery when wet   
05/Sep/15Andys ride or Husq Mikes ride?   
15/Aug/15Kale and Wheatgrass blended drinks?    
08/Aug/15Wet wet and wetter   
20/Jun/15Hooter - The Caller   
13/Jun/151 broken bike & 2 lost blokes or Tommy the Bastard   
16/May/15Back in Black - The Return of Choko   
09/May/15Where there's smoke  SOTD
02/May/15Who brings a knife to a gunfight   
13/Dec/14Christmas drinks at the Universal Bar.   
06/Dec/14Bikes, Dust, Ticks & Beer - Australias Summer   
29/Nov/14Andy's Northern Hills ride ROTD  
13/Sep/14Another Lakes Ride  SOTD
30/Aug/14We did that hill before   
23/Aug/14That Hill again  SOTD
16/Aug/14Juniors Call   
09/Aug/14The Long Ride   
26/Jul/14Ross's 100th made us moist ROTD  
05/Jul/14Finished before the Pub Opens or CM's Moist Morning.   
28/Jun/14DILLIGAF Tour Number 1   
01/Jun/14A day in Cyprus   
24/May/14Jacks Back   
29/Oct/13RTRA AGM   
05/Oct/136 Days... ppffftttttt. Broken in less than 6 hours   
14/Sep/13Camp out    
24/Aug/13Wongan and Back. ROTD  
17/Aug/1360 rides at 60   
20/Jul/13Curiosity Killed the Cat  SOTD
29/Jun/13Toddys Grip it n Rip - we need more wood!   
01/Jun/13Tom Pike memorial ride  SOTD
25/May/13My Milkshake Brings all the Blokes to the Hills   
25/Apr/13Backtracko Jacko   
16/Mar/13It rains in Autumn    
02/Mar/13Andy @ Lakes   
19/Dec/12Hot Air Ballooning & Tubing in Vang Vieng   
02/Dec/12Northern Laos - Part 1   
03/Nov/12The longest ride East   
29/Sep/12Blind leading the Blind   
11/Aug/12Hills, Spills & Pain Pills   
04/Aug/12A Rolling Ross Gathers no Moss   
14/Jul/12Just a Casual Ride   
01/Jul/12Capel 2012   
16/Jun/12Todds Campout    
03/Jun/122012 West Coast Safari Tour.    
20/May/12The 2 halves ride   
19/May/12Mick & Tommy - The Double Ton   
12/May/12Tommy's 99 Not Out   
04/Feb/12Todds Sore Arse Ride   
11/Dec/11Christmas Bash 2011 - Oxford Hotel   
19/Nov/11Dora the Explorer   
06/Nov/11Allen is a Legend   
28/Oct/11Tommys CHOGM  SOTD
22/Oct/11Hills & Spills   
19/Oct/11RTRA AGM   
01/Oct/11Run 4 the Hills   
17/Sep/11Lost in Translation   
10/Sep/1112 go out, 11.9 come back   
20/Aug/11The Lost Boys   
22/Jul/11Jackos New Tyre   
02/Jul/11Return of Iron Maiden   
18/Jun/112011 West Coast Safari Tour   
11/Jun/11A Perfect Day   
25/Dec/10Thailand Xmas 2010   
12/Dec/10cHristmas basH 2010   
04/Dec/10Long Ride south ROTD  
13/Nov/10What could possbily go wrong.   
26/Sep/10The Fin Fling   
18/Jul/10Southbound Tour   
11/Jul/10Random Doddle ROTD  
03/Jul/10Minus 2 - A cold morning   
27/Jun/10A Sunday Session   
05/Jun/102010 West Coast Safari ROTD  
17/Apr/10Jackos Far Ride East   
27/Mar/1021 today...   
21/Mar/10Jackos Dusty Dash   
17/Oct/09Micks Desert Crossing   
10/Oct/09A Spill in the Hills.   
19/Sep/09Bumble in the Jungle   
11/Sep/09Muddle through the puddle.   
29/Aug/09A perfect day in the hills   
21/Aug/09The second annual Murchison Offroad Adventure   
12/Jul/09Jackos Secret Ride   
04/Jul/09The Crusty Quinns Crusade   
21/May/06The pines   
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