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A winter ride in summer
Date 11/Feb/17
8 Riders BigGee, JNR, Pinky, Pounce, Sam300, Tommy, WR Ross, WrfPaul
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A winter ride in summer

13 bikes started out, 8 from Crusty's (Darin, Tommy, Pounce, WR Ross, WRFPaul, junior, youngster on Juniors old bike, Sam Iccas) 3 from PAR and two from Motorcycle Studio rides (Beno & Damo). Sorry I don't know everyone's names. If the other guys want to be part of Crusty's email me a profile picture of you and your bike. (address on my profile) I will find out who it needs to go to.

I had what I believed to be a detailed riders briefing and we set off. I dropped corner men at every change of direction only to stop for a regroup 10kms in to the ride, half the bikes arrived. After waiting for 20 minutes, I left everyone at the regroup and started back tracking.

Lesson 1
Never change direction without a corner-man indicating you to do this (especially when riding on a graded road & you turn 90 degrees onto a bush track)
As soon as your realize you are lost, stop and wait and listen. (do not back track to the cars) The lead rider has to find you and account for everyone.

We lost an hour sorting this issue out, which left a few corner-men siting in the rain for the duration plus we got back to the cars an hour later than we were hoping.

2 riders pulled out at this stage, and 11 of us carried on, The tracks were wet but awesome. As the American's would say, I (Darin) "got turned around" and lost my bearings and ended up on one of the old whooped out tracks, sorry guys, it wasn't my plan.
We got to Bannister with a fuel plan and typically the 98 pump ran out after I had added 4 litres of fuel, normal unleaded it had to be.
Chris from PAR decided to pull out and take the bitumen back to Rockingham, Pounce had a chain issue and Ross accompanied him back to the cars via gravel roads.
8 of us set off for the return journey, I tried to take the open flowing route back as the boys were tiring and starting to feel the cold.
The creek crossing's were noticeably getting higher with the influx of water, and some were fairly deep.
All in all, I think it was a great day out on the bike ending with a few beers at Paddy's Bush Bar.
Somewhere during the night I managed to leopard crawl off the couch and make it to bed.


G'day fellas!

From the youngster with 'bad object fixation'. Look at a rock and I'll hit it, look at a stick and I'll hit that too hahah. Shout out to the awesome bunch of guys I had the pleasure of riding with on Saturday. Besides having borderline hyperthermia and having my bike on its side more times than I can remember, it was definitely one of the best rides I've been on and I will definitely be heading out for more if I'm welcome! And cheers to Jnr for the invite and all the riding tips!

Cheers, Pinky!

Thanks to Darin for leading an awesome ride yesterday.
Nice to meet some new blokes an see some old ones.
The conditions didn't let up all day but added to the fun. Seems perth missed out on the rain as it was all at Bannister!
170 wet kilometers in February, doesn't get much better!


























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