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OVT Stackarama
Date 18/Mar/17
9 Riders FueltankerAllen, Inver, Jack, JerseyBoy, ToddHusqy, Tommy, X, xradam, XRCass
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day xradam
Report OVT Stackarama
9 riders turned up plus Mick450 who had threatened to join us if he could get himself and the old girl (KTM 450) fired up. It would appear Mick was only partly successful as the old girl was nowhere to be seen.
Fueltanker Allen got in nice and early and suggested a ride, Inver confirmed the ride and XRCass did a midnight reccie to make sure we had sufficient parking – good onya boys.
Do we still have the Hog Award?? A puncture before we had turned any dirt over. (At the cars) After that he did some sweet riding on the chain saw and was visible from a distant planet in his fluoro’s. One of our leaders today.
Fueltanker Allen.
What can you say about this man, he gets into that dog/tongue hanging out zone and just does his thing with a few mono’s chucked in for good measure. Another of our leaders and a sweep rider.
Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against XR650’s but shit, I don’t want to ride one through sandy whoops and up vertical climbs (come to think of it I don’t take any bike up vertical climbs) Cass, rides the beast with easy, fires her up with one kick and takes on any challenge. Mostly our sweep but broke our spirits at the end leading us through some physical sections.
Was just out for another cruise on his Harley today, sits back, gets the throttle pinned open, pop’s a few mono’s and makes it look very easy.
Good to have a new bloke out with us today. Now I don’t know what type of BMX’s they have in Jersey (UK) but this guy looks like a KTM 300 is part of his anatomy. The J. boy, can ride, very impressive to watch a 2 banger wide open, flicking sand out in every direction.
When there is sand/whoops and open space Adam can fly. HOLD ON Adam, this isn’t Yorkshire, Wales or England, we have trees here and they are F#@king arrogant, they don’t move for anyone. It was a lucky escape, that could have been nasty, just a badly bruised arm.
Did some elegant stuff today, and some not so elegant stuff. Over backwards in slow motion on one of the climbs and overtook (And I mean over) his bike going down the hill. Was having fun down a fast fairly smooth whoop section until the whoop timing changed and Tommy pogo-sticked off his bike. Made eye contact with a tree in a tightening corner and the attraction was mutual, Tommy broke eye contact with the tree with a milli-second to spare. Finally Tommy lost his front in a sandy corner and the hills were alive with an Irish accent saying “FOCK THIS”
Jack’s back
And braver than ever, after a late decision to ride, takes his wife’s KTM 350 out of the shed and by his own admission says “its better maintained than my bike” If only we had video footage of Jack throwing the bike over backwards (for his wife) up one of the steeper hills. Good to see you back Jack.
Sand always makes me nervous (actually all terrain does) on the first sandy climb I had put so much focus on the hill, I didn’t see a whoop and rock a few meters before the climb and ended up on my arse at the foot of the hill. I eventually got up this one but put self (and bike) preservation at the top of the list for the bigger climbs (I whimped out)
Most riders had a small laydown at some stage, especially negotiating some of the monster sandy climbs which required the correct amount of momentum & noise.
All in all a great day out on the bike, and everyone having a few beers at the OVT.
Thanks to everyone.
















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