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T&E Brookton Sprint Report
Date 06/May/17
3 Riders JNR, Sam300, X
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Darin, Jnr and another old Crusty dude (can't remember his name and Jnr doesn't want him to get a ride point)
I got a prize for riding so well, 4 litres of synthetic oil. (actually come to think of it, I was given the prize before I rode haha)
We arrived at the site on Sat arvo and as the cars rolled in so did the dust clouds, it was very dry. I have seen some big camp fires in my time (by Pounce) but this one took the cake. The farmer used a dozer and pushed 4 trees together, it was massive, 15 meters was about as close as you could get.
Sunday sighting lap, lifted our level of concern, with all the bikes out at once you couldn't see anything and one of the loops was especially gnarly, winding through trees and up and over rocky ridges.
Once the timed loops started, the one minute intervals worked quite well and unless you needed to pass guys in front it was fairly clear.
With 90 odd bikes on the two loops some of the sections got cut up really badly with deep ruts, thick sand and exposed rocks and roots in the hill sections.
The deteriorating track conditions and bikes getting backed up at start points resulted in long delays and the event being shortened from 8 timed loops to 5. (5 was enough)
A beer had never tasted so good at the end of the day. I wore my heart monitor and burnt over 4000 calories and on every loop had my H/R over 90% of my max for age.
It was a tough day, but a good experience and I enjoyed the weekend. Thanks to Jnr for coming along and lending me a chair which I had forgotten. JNR and I were on our Crusty recruiting mission and think we have a few new guys, Adam (Pom) and cant remember his name (big Kiwi bloke) Do you remember his name JNR?
A few pic's to follow. Well done to Sam Iccas (sp) who was in-charge of the event, he did a great job in difficult conditions. (actually Sam is our third Crusty)








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