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An excellent ......long......ride
Date 10/Jun/17
3 Riders Fueltanker Allen, Jacko, MickKal
Rider of the day MickKal
Stack of the day Not awarded
Suzuki Ride

Warning, No Walkers were harmed during this ride.

Itís important to choose your ride areas to suit the conditions. If itís too dry in winter, just go for a ride. Too wet in summer, justÖÖ.

MickKal called the ďBig Bike RideĒ with water crossings and rocks.
Jacko, FTA and MickKal turned up to a ride connecting some of the best single track I have ridden on any bike. I remember riding some of these tracks on a DRZ and hitting them on a DR650 with 30L of fuel sloshing around makes for quite the challenge.
Unique riding and balancing acts produced a carnage free ride.

Iím amazed how MickKal can splice together tracks to design about 250kms of track with very little tar and finishing at a pub. Awesome!
Itís great to see Jacko back on the continent smashing DRZ. Every time you think you are flying down the single track like a Dakar rider, stop for 2 seconds and along comes the familiar sight of Jacko and his DRZ. Hit a crappy hill spraying rocks everywhere, jump impossible logs, there comes Jacko.

I have commented on MickKalís ability on the little KTM. It must be strange to ride a DR650 with three times the weight and taking twice the distance to stop. Annoyingly he manages to throw both down the tracks at speed making it look effortless when Iím on the same bike sweating like a swine.

PS Parkerville Tavern has good beer.

An exceptional way to fill in a Saturday, nice work MickKal!










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