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Misty morning
Date 17/Jun/17
9 Riders Ant, Ashman, GeordieBaz, Hazi, Jacko, JB, JNR, Tommy, WRRob
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Sweet conditions in the hills today. Thanks Tommy for leading and Jacko sweeping up. First time I've been out there and not seen any whoops! 9 of us in the end, could have been ten but something about bloody knuckles and a flat tyre kept Pounce at home...
We got out to Mt Dale and a few tackled the hill but it proved to be a bit tough for the lads. It was really a ploy to wear the quick guys out. WRRob and JNR seemed a little puffed after their attempt.
I learnt the hard way that too much front brake down a hill at speed doesn't end well. Video to come...
Not long later newcomer Barry came to holt. The orange beast lost spark. Tommy got in there and ripped it to bits but couldn't find the fault. WRRob and JNR joined in while the rest of us supervised. The diagnosis was to tow it out to a safe spot and head back to get a ute. There was talk of insurance and a bon fire but no one had any marshmallows.
Barry set up camp on the side of the road and spent the next hour or so pondering KTM's and his first ride in 4 years, while the rest of us hit the fire trails back to the cars.
While Tommy drove back to play RAC, Ashman, JB, JNR and Rob went bush and clocked up another 30km, Hazi packed up and hit the road, and me and Jacko collected firewood and talked bikes while waiting for everyone to get back.
Few brews and many laughs were had. Great day even it didn't go to plan. 85km before the lads went back out again.

Cheers and see ya's on the next one. Hopefully Barry gets the bike sorted and joins us again.

Vid from yesterday. Nothing too exciting. I ripped the camera mount off so filming was cut short.

Short version for the endo...






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