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Darin and the fence sitting fockers
Date 01/Jul/17
6 Riders BigGee, Bunga, Hooters, JB, MickKal, X
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ride report, "Darin and the fence sitting fockers"
Darin called it, Hooters, Mark, JB, Bunga, and Mickal rocked up to the rock Inn. The drama had already started with Mark dropping his bike off the trailor on route. A few dings but could have been heaps worse. Anyway we left the pub and cruised up the road to the usual park spot, newly graded by my ute undercarriage. Light rain and strangely mild temp wise, if only we knew... boots on we headed off, Darin leading and Bunga sweeping on his new five hundy. awesome trails fast flowing tracks, tight single trail, puddles good loamy dirt and the rain tamed pea gravel, awesome riding. But then Bunga and his bike parted company and the new bike was looking very 2nd hand and Bunga looking fairly average also, but the big guy dug deep and was back on bike ready to finish the ride. It was about 11am by this stage and it started rain pretty hard, no biggy but the temp dropped about 20 frickin' degrees and it was cold cold cold. the last 20km or so to the roadhouse at Bannister was not much fun. We arrived at the roadhouse ordered soup and hot coffees and crowded around the hot pie warmer like homeless gypsy folk. Plenty of sympathy was thrown our way by the tourists getting outta their cars and their fully cranked heaters. The five oh were at the roadhouse but gave us no grief. so about an hour later fuelled up warmed up, a bit, Mark dressed in his new flash harry garbage bin jacket. A wise decision was made to head back to the cars asap, still great trails but a direct route. Pretty hard to enjoy it tho and there were plenty of stops to use exhaust fumes to warm hands. We got back to the cars about half two, without any more dramas cold but smiling .Bunga was looking a bit sore and mark looking very cool in his garbo jacket. Cheers Darin, and the sweeps Bunga, JB and Mickal. and I'm one ride closer to Rob's tally hehe!!

I reckon that the guy at the Bannister servo would have been glad to see the back of us because the floor of his shop looked like a swimming pool after we left. I was lugging a few liters around inside my boots and they were leaking like a sieve onto his floor. Mark had the garbage bag over the top of his backpack and looked like a cross between the Hunch back of Notre Dame and a Hobo.

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