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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Call a ride and they will come!
Date 08/Jul/17
3 Riders Fueltanker Allen, xradam, XRCass
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Cass, Adam and FTAl went for a ride.
The sand was wet and the Crusty site was having a nap.
These things combined didnít stop a ride getting posted and a group of three Crusty riders joining up for a ride north.
A quick ride in the pines, some fantastic trails along a fence line found us at Three-Ways. Adam and I looked longingly at Cassís fuel load but still headed towards the perfect white dunes to the North. After some dune action the group headed back to Flat Rock and did a run along the beach.
After a quick sprint down the tracks towards the fuel station and empty tanks refilled. Back to the OVT where empty riders were refilled.
Great riding conditions.
Great riders.

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