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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Lotsa pines. Lotsa grip. No dust!
Date 22/Jul/17
8 Riders Ashman, FueltankerAllen, Inver, Jack, JB, ToddHusqy, X, XRCass
Rider of the day Jack
Stack of the day Not awarded
DirtBike magazine describes “Arm Pump” as that frustrating lack of strength and control you unwillingly acquire in your forearms and hands while holding on for dear life to your handlebars. Caused by the buildup of Lactic Acid and lack of oxygen to the arm muscles.

I don’t suffer from “Arm Pump” but have developed a whole new problem:
“Full Body Pump” after following XRCass and Inver over 150kms of every type of sand track on the west coast.

Soft and hard single track.
Wide open, pin to the stopper tracks.
Head for the sky tracks.
No track sand dune tracks.
If you muck up, you’ll hit a pine tree tracks.
Dodge the skippy tracks.
Down the beach tracks.
Slalom fence line tracks.
Can’t see the track for the trees track.

Eight very different riders punished their bodies and took up the challenge on a perfect Saturday morning at the OVT.
Cass; master of the XR, prone to breaking rear indicators and fellow riders. Shall be known as the “Best pie finder”
Inver; master of the EXC speed test. Faster than a speeding bullet. Great backup lead rider.
Darin; master of the trail tyres in sand. The only rider to get faster as the day progressed. Ate one pie and flew out of the gates.
Todd; mastering the stationary stack after the hill climb and environmentally friendly fuel spillage( carefully burning it on the hot exhaust and starter motor.)
Jack; master of the hill climb attempts and tow the Todd. Super sweep.
JB; master of the soft landing stack. Fell on the straightest, softest track just to get it out of the way. All done with a smile.
Ashman; master of the humungous slide! And every hill climb etc etc.
FTAL; master of the “Missed it by that much” cameraman.

Jack is awarded Rider of the Day for having the most attempts at the hill and for Towing the Todd over sole destroying soft sand.

Broke some bikes, destroyed some grown men but the homemade meat pie was excellent and the OVT beer was cold and flowing.
Thanks for the ride.


















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