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Then there were 7.
Date 22/Jul/17
9 Riders 2slow, cogers, DazzaM, husq mike, Martyn, MickKal, pete450, Shotter, Twoody
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DazzaM Martyn pete450 Twoody husq mike MickKal Cogers Shotter 2slow

DazzaM called a Perfect Woky ride and 9 of us showed up.
On the way there the car said it was a very respectable 14.5 degrees for most of the drive, that set the scene for what was to be a fantastic day. MickKal the keenest and first to arrive then myself, we had a chat and Mick said "i've never been on one of DazzaM's rides" I told him he'd be in for a good day.
While we were gearing up the sky was looking a bit threatening but we all left the jackets off (a very good choice) husq mike had a bit more gear on but he rode his bike to the meeting spot with his fuel can on his lap.
Daz took us north on a good variety of trails, some not too extreme but a bit technical hills, lots of puddles some mud and absolutely no dust, a very nice loop of about 60k's and we were back to the cars. Thanks husq mike for sweeping the first loop.
husq mike and Shotter both had to take their goldfish to swimming lessons so both said goodbye and headed home.

Then there were 7.
We fueled bodies and bikes then just before we were ready to ride Dazza not content with the perfect conditions had a word with management and ordered the sprinklers be turned on medium for 10 minutes over the entire Wokalup area. We all took shelter in the back of my van and under it's tail gate. A few minutes later the rain stopped and we were off heading south, Mick the only one opting for the jacket. Lots of single track, some mud a couple of creek crossings inspected but not crossed for safety, some pines, some hills, some nasty hills, some single trail nasty hills, we had to work a bit harder on this p.m. loop it was challenging but good fun. We found the newly named Cogers Hill which put a dent in the header pipe of my 350 which then melted a hole in the knee of my pants, as Mick said there were 7 bikes strewn all over this hill each looking for a way to conquer it, we all got there in the end Mick didn't have his jacket on any more and as we road off the smell of coolant was strong amongst the trees. We worked our way back to the cars after that one a little over 100k's in total for both loops. Thanks Terry for sweeping the p.m. loop.

We had a beer back at the cars where Terry boasted he hadn't been on the ground all day (no one likes a smart arse Terry)(joking) and thanks for helping me off that very slippery granite rock on Cogers Hill.

Thanks DazzaM for leading a great ride and thanks everyone who participated like myself and just absorbed the euphoria.
Dave 2slow



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