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Hooters Lead
Date 29/Jul/17
6 Riders Ashman, Hooters, husq mike, JNR, Pounce, Tommy
Rider of the day Hooters
Stack of the day Not awarded
The magnificent 6 had a great rdie, with only a little bit of rian. We got wetter falling in puddles.
I don't want to make Hooters's head any bigger but it was the best ride I've had up there. No dust, few whoops, grippy pea gravel (yep) & lots of water. 
Thanks guys

Thanks for the ride out at..... was it Mortimer rd?? Or another spot?? Well Hooters that GPS u got is awesome, took us down some great tracks & water crossings through out the day, looking forward to the next one u lead :)) & yes Mike I got hm only to find I had to Q up in my garden cause the lads r on a bucks night & stopped past to use the toilet but I wasn't hm hahahaha, thanks for leading Hooters & Mike n Pounce for sweeps, awesome bunch to ride with on any day rain hail or shine.

ride report "lost at Mortimer Rd" Pounce, Mike, Ashman Hooters, Tommy and Junior. Junior bullied me into calling a ride, while I was up at work sleep deprived and at my lowest. Fair call I had checked the weather and it looked perfect. Pissing down Friday then showers Saturday. when the alarm went off Saturday morning it was smashing down-hard. I am sure I was not the only one considering bailing. Lucky I didn't it turned out perfect. So after a slightly confusing morning we all met up at the "usual" spot. Boots on and left about 9am. Me leading and Mike sweeping, no GPS no sun and no idea. We headed off in the usual direction, with me completely winging it, just tacking whatever track I came across that I liked the look of, worked pretty good we had lots of fast loamy trails with a few tighter tracks to make it interesting. Mike and Tommy were helping me out with general advise as to where to head to and it actually went well. After we hit the western boundry we headed back into the valley for the hills and creek. There was plenty of water around just enough to make it fun an interesting but no drama or drowned bikes, the hills were conquered and heaps of laughs shared. A great ride wheeling thru giant puddles all day a few showers but nothing major, and not actually that cold. Mike got me heading in the direction of the cars and we actually made it back! We had a window to get changed and have a couple of beers then the rain came down again. A great day all in all. Several apologies were noted and more the a few not! The dreaded sandy giney rearing its ugly head again! Cheers to Mike Tommy pounce and everyone for putting up with the relaxed format and helping me with directions.
Ciao Hooters
























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