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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Ravey 2017
Date 05/Aug/17
5 Riders 2slow, CRFRichard, DazzaM, Fueltanker Allen, Martyn
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Dazza, Martyn, Richard, Dave and the Ravensthorpe crew, thanks for 340kms of every type of track you could think of.
So many stories to tell and so many never to be told.
Rock........that's not a rock!

Peak Charles ride has been and gone for another year. Cheers FTAl and Martyn, Ritchie and Dave for coming along to this year's ride and to the Ravy Enduro Club for another great event. I'm sure they all enjoyed the two days of riding in the Ravensthorpe countryside. Allen found out that sometimes a rock is not always a rock when down in Ravy country, and they all found out that after you get to the other side of the lake crossing your arms feel like they have stretched to the max.
Always good to sit around a camp fire and have a few beers after a days riding.

Hopefully they will all be back again for next year's ride.


Big thanks to the Ravensthorpe Enduro Club for putting on a great weekend. As previously stated the Crusty Quinns where well represented, maybe it'll catch on. Definately a 4 stroke ride, I was glad I broke out the 450 after 18 months of being the unfavourable child.
Plenty of laughs and camaraderie, some unexplained holes, we learnt size is important when describing a hazard or what can be burnt in a night but it's always good to push the limit.
Thanks again to all involved, some of us also learnt how important it is to make sure your sidestand is on solid ground before walking away.
Those that missed out certainly missed out.









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