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Perth Kamfari
Date 12/Aug/17
5 Riders Ashman, Hooters, MickKal, ToddHusqy, Tommy
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Thanks for the ride today Mick well lead as usual and Todd on sweep duties Hooters and Ash for the entertainment in the middle.
Seen some flowing creeks today that I havenít seen in years and some flowing that I didnít even know there where creeks always something new to see out there.

ride report "The famous five" Mickal, Tommy, Hooters, Ashman, Todd. Mick called it and 4 of us not scared of a bit of rain rocked up 2 strokes, four strokes, small bores and the big five hunge, ages ranged from young gun (Ash) to old as f##k (tommy!!) We met up at the now closed sawyers valley pub and got changed into our gear on their porch. It was raining hard and heavy but spirits were high, good to see Toddy out and about. Boots on we headed out, Mickal leading Todd sweeping. Mick lead us thru some wicked tight single track, we had been told it was 90 odd km, and knowing Micks freeride loves the tight stuff I was wondering if this was gunna be the whole day. But we came out onto some open country, wicked loamy ground giant puddles to wheelie thru, magic tracks. The weather was damn near perfect, rain but intermittent even the odd patch of sunshine! There was heaps of water around, but not drown bikes deep. Just shit eating grin fun, fun, fun! The creek section was flooded and made it tricky to follow the track and heaps of pretty deep crossings. The ground was good but some bottomless soft sections, about a cubic meter ended up in my face, cheers Ash! It was just so much fun blasting around wheelie-ing thru puddles, hoping they weren't 5 foot deep! We must have crossed the creek 20 times, heaps of fun. A few hills to make life interesting, but heaps of traction to make life easy. Mick strung together a wicked ride and the ride gods helped out with the weather, a few small offs nothing major, and no bike damage or drama, great day. 90km's done beers back at the cars about 1:30pm, perfect. Cheers Mick great ride, I'm still smiling. Thanks todd for sweeping, Tommy and Ash for being a part of it! See ya's at the campout, Hooters

Top report Hooters, but you missed a couple of awards

Most prepared - Tommy AKA the snorkle pic
Best Creek Jump - Hooters, you should have waited for Tommy to get the photo
Foggiest camera lens- Tommy
Most movement in the rear wheel bearing - Me








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