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Camp at Woky
Date 26/Aug/17
17 Riders 2slow, Ant, BigGee, Bunga, DazzaM, dirtdiggler, Hooters, husq mike, Jacko, JNR, ktmshaun, Martyn, MickKal, Pinky, Pounce, Rothy, Tommy
Rider of the day DazzaM
Stack of the day Not awarded
Dazza's Woky ride, Saturday, day 1:
Dazz, Pounce, Tommy, Mickal, mike, Jacko, Bunga, Pinkie, Big Gee, Antt, Steve, Rothy, Ktmshaun, Hooters
Dazza put his hand up and thru himself under the bus to lead 13 lairy hairy grey floggers and a young gun (pinkie) around woky. A few of us met at the pub, the rest at the camp, 14 in total including Dazz. We left the camp bout half nine with Rothy sweeping, 1st corner Shaun bins it in the pea gravel right in front of me- bloody funny and T'was a sign of things to come. The first hour or so was peppered with dramas, albeit small ones. Lost riders, a couple a bit sketchy on cornerman duties, an ole dude a bit sketchy with his bike prep and after a regroup at the cars and a couple of hugs for Dazza, we were off again. Wow! awesome trails a mix of typical woky country tight trails and open loamy stuff. Dazz chose to lead us round some really good trails but not too much hard core, spirit breaking tracks. Which suited us all. A couple of hills to keep things interesting but no man tears! Back to the cars for more fuel and a bite, and off again, minus the youngster apparently a mechanic, apparently hehe! and steve for the arvo lap. More of the same trails, surprisingly not that much water, a few big deep puddles, which were carved up and wheelied thru. A great crew of blokes a mix of abilities but the cornerman system levels everyone out and apart from a few small offs no dramas or injurys. Mickal stitched up Hooters and made it look like he got lost- twice!!! OMG! We got back to the cars unscathed but knackered. One of the spectator hills finished me off, see the video clip and I was running on empty. Dazza took me Tommy and Mickal just down the road from the cars to coggers hill and we had a crack at that to finish the day. Logs were burned, the camp log was conquered, beers drunk, eating fush ate, lies told and laughs a plenty. Cheers Dazza, sorry to bug out early boys but I had to quit while I was ahead, planes and crutches don't mix!! Thanks Rothy for sweeping and everyone else for the shits and giggles, Hooters

Thanks Dazza for a fantastic guided tour in your country, and to all who attended and made it a great day and evening around the camp fire. Cheers guys see you again soon, great ride report by the way Hooters.

Too good. No superlatives needed. Great weekend in the bush! Awesome fire. Thanks Dazza. Well done sweeping Rothy.

Thanks Dazza for the great ride. Started off a little sketchy but after regrouping a couple of times it came together nicely. The tracks after lunch were awesome and that big greasy hill wasn't that slippery...
The pros had the fire sorted all night. Thanks Hooters for the fush, it was mint! Heaps of laughs around the fire all night. Can't wait to do it again. Added a few photos to the gallery.

p.s. the cat was still alive when I got home...

Thanks for a few beers & laughs round the fire, thanks to Hooters for the fish & was glad u guys had a real good ride down there the little man still angry at me cause I never took him down.

Sounds like i missed a good ride and fire Saturday.
Hooters that was a good effort getting over that log, it's big!
Thanks Daz and Mike for sharing the lead today we covered a lot of ground i've never been over and still managed a good variety of trails with no major mishaps. Thanks Marty, Tommy, Steve, and Mark for a good day.
See you on the next one.

Thanks everybody for a great ride and camp out at Woky. I think Dazza deserves ROTD for a well led ride and for not blowing his top at everybody including me( I was just following hooters) for the shambles at the beginning of the ride. And thumbs up to resident Crusty bush mechanic Jacko for sorting out my brakes. Thanks to Hooters for the loose goose entertainment on his 500 and the fish, Jnrs masterchef skills with the fish topped it all off for a good night around the fire.

Thanks for the great ride today, an awesome effort after yesterday's ride. DazzaM n Huskymike lead with 2slow taking sweep duties. In my defense a "controlled" stop with the handlebars n me not touching the floor doesn't count for a crash regardless of the 600mm of water I was apparently in.

Big thankyou to DazzM for calling and leading the ride , had everything never disappoints down there , Great nite around the fire great bunch of guys , Great report Hooters , thankyou for the fish , took home that one bit left over , just had it for tea , Brillant ! my buy in couple weeks time , Great videos and pics Pounce , Tommy , 2nd ROTD to DazzaM , Cheers guys see you's in the city in a couple of weeks :))

wokky camp out:great 2 days riding.It was so good , I nearly had a nanna nap Sun afternoon.
Dazza mixed up a good selection of tracks for day one. A few of the keen ones tried to get up the ungetupable hill.The rest conserved energy.

Day 2 was an easy ride to the East .HM trying to remember some old tracks .Between us we managed to stitch some tracks together and ended up at the lake to the south.
My highlight was watching Marty try to water ski on his KTM.
I have seen this happen before, despite us all knowing its there.
Pity I did not have the gopro on.

A special mention to the DRZ riders , they got through it all , even the gnarly hills.
It would be a great leveller if we all had to ride only them. At least the kill switch is better than an overly expensive KTM which was only 6 Months old. ):

Thanks to all who turned up for the Woky camp out. Started out a bit sketchy on Saturday morning but it all came together and i had a great time on the Saturday and Sunday mornings ride and sitting around the camp fire 
Cheers for Rothy for doing a great job of sweep duties on Saturday and Dave on Sunday and thanks to HM for showing us some new tracks and reminding me of some I haven't done in ages
Thanks to Hooters for fush
Good to catch up with new Crusties

See you on the next one

Cheers Dazza







































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