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Pre drinks ride
Date 09/Sep/17
11 Riders Ant, Donza, Hooters, husq mike, Jack, Jacko, MickKal, Pounce, TigeR, Tommy, X
Rider of the day MickKal
Stack of the day Not awarded
Pre Drinks Ride.
This season Hooters has become the go-to report writer, so it was decided to give him the weekend off, so here goes.
We were all thinking it would be nice to have a “pre drinks ride” and then Mickkal called it. It looked like it may be a 3 or 4 bike ride, until the confirmations started coming in, 12 riders in the end (Including Marty, who is not listed)
Meet at the Lakes and we were rolling by 8 to the parking spot. Mick is a natural even dropping corner-men in the cars as we drove to the parking spot.
Suited and booted, we were on the way with Mick up front and TigeR holding the fort at the back.
The usual early testosterone was flowing as we jostled for pecking order, Mick had warned us that it could be greasy, and there certainly were a few close calls.
Mick is well deserving of his rider of the day award, he is calm under pressure, never gets lost, and drops heaps of corner men (sometimes just because they are sniffing too close, haha) and took us on tracks that had something for everyone. Great Lead Mick.
Hooters gave us some different mid-ride entertainment with burn outs on any rock he could find (see pics) I think he saw how good my trials tire was hanging in and wanted to convert his Knobbly.
A couple of punctures repaired on route and Mick with a radiator that was cooling his boot and not his engine, started eating our into Nana-nap time.
A bit of dust out there, sadly means the season end may not be too far off but the beers went down a treat, washing the dust away.


























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