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Post ride drinks
Date 09/Sep/17
17 Riders Ant, Bunga, CRFAndrew, Hooters, husq mike, Inver, Jacko, JNR, KTMJAMES, MickKal, Pounce, Rothy, ToddHusqy, Tommy, WR Ross, WrfPaul, X
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day JNR
Seems like someone threw up on the kitchen floor

A good turnout at Durty Nellies, with most of the boys from the ride and quite a few others also dropping in for a social. Rugby, Footy and soccer on the box resulted in the pub pumping, which left our group a bit disjointed with small pockets scattered throughout the pub. It was still a good evening and proves that itís not only riding dirt bikes that we have in common, drinking beer and talking shit also goes down pretty well.
On another note, we all know that there is Hooters before red lollies and Hooters after red lollies but now there is also Hooters with his lady, haha I wonder if we can teach her to ride dirt bikes. We would have Hooters the gentleman on our rides :)
I left pretty early, so I am sure there are more stories on the pub evening to come.
Thanks all for a good day.

Thanks for the great night good to catch up for a beer
JNR I think u got ROTD or should I say DOTD

























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