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Pingelly Adventure
Date 16/Sep/17
4 Riders Fueltanker Allen, Jacko, Tommy, WR Ross
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Adventure riding is a quieter, less physically demanding motorsport designed for the more mature rider who has all of the gear and looks the part.
The rider can return home after a quiet ride, slippers and pipe ready by the fire and sip a brandy from an oversized glass while the wife makes tea!

Nobody told Tommy!

The ride had attracted quite a lot of interest but one by one the excuses came…..”Should oil be coming out of there?”

Our day started with an hour and a half of fog so thick you could see a bike shaped cutting in the mirrors.
I’d officially like to thank the driver of a silver/grey golf travelling at 60kph along Wanneroo rd , without lights, in the middle of a fog! The Dunlop 606 marks across your roof are free.

I saw a bunch of bikes at the Dome in Mundaring and thought, great turnout! Tommy quietly let me know that we are meeting at Sawyers! Oops!

Jacko and Ross joined us at Sawyers as planned and we blasted off on the first 220km leg covering tracks well suited to the bikes……..except one.

Tommy suggested we turn right but noted that this track might get a little muddy and slippery………..before he had left our sight the DR slid right then left then Tommy’s head took out the indestructible acrylic (perspex) screen and everything ended up in a pile on the ground. The track was so slippery that you couldn’t stand let alone ride.
It was agreed that, for the safety of the group, Tommy will follow his “gut feeling” for the remainder of the trip.

Jacko travelled across Australia with his luggage hanging off one side of his rack and never lost a thing. A quite local ride and his tool bag falls off, but is quickly found.

Just when the stomach was giving the brain messages about food we arrive at the thriving town of Pingelly. It’s amazing to travel 220kms without other signs of life and pop out to find a pub with cold beer and a counter meal…..ah adventure riding at last!

I have blurred memories of gravel and sand tracks ending in a freeway full of cars and after 570kms I returned home. Satisfied that I had completed an excellent ride.

Evening meal….(your salads in the oven)
Great ride………definitely
Would I do it again… bet!

Thanks for the excellent ride lads.

tommys pingelly ride report
riders tommy, ross, fueltanker alan, jacko.
the weather is starting to warm up so tommy called an adventure ride to keep things flowing.four riders turned up after two dns. riding up to the hills to the start at sawers was a real challenge with thick fog all the way and it got worse at the hills. by the time we got going it had lifted and it quickly warmed up. we zigzaged in a southeast direction on the forrestry roads when tommy stopped and warned us it was a bit swampy ahead.100 meters later we found tommy on the ground with his bike pointing back up the trail.the slippery clay top got him. unfortunatly it shattered his new windsheild. he had to cut the remaining shards off as they were sticking up like glass.
we made it to pingelly and had a counter meal at the pub. we all felt like sleeping it off under a tree after that but we refueled the bikes and pressed on. a quick stop at boyagin rock on the way back, then through the wheatbelt and back into the bush. about a third of the way back to sawyers we were running out of time and decided to cut back to the brookton hwy and head home. i was riding behind alan and noticed his back wheel was tracking about 50mm to the right of his front wheel. it turns out he hit something hard enough to bend the rim and move the axle back. how does that happen al? just another great day on the bikes.









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