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Could it be any slipperier
Date 07/Oct/17
11 Riders 2slow, cogers, DazzaM, Hooters, Martyn, pete450, Pounce, Tommy, Twoody, WRRob, X
Rider of the day DazzaM
Stack of the day Not awarded
Thanks Daz for leading a great ride in Nannup this weekend, thanks Pete for helping with the leading duties and thanks Daz, Pete, Martyn and Terry for the effort with reconnaissance rides in the weeks leading up to this fantastic weekend. Thanks Martyn for sweeping Saturday a.m.
Thanks DazzaM Pete450 Martyn Hooters Twoody Tommy Pounce Cogers Darin 2slow(me) for showing up and making it memorable and wrRob for his cameo appearance, he had the fire going when we got back from the ride Saturday arvo and had a few beers and camped with us, good effort Rob.
And special thanks Hooters for fabricating my new stumpy brake lever. see photo strip.

Now that speeches are over i better say something about the ride, if Nannup doesn't break you it is always going to please with a big variety of terrain and many challenges for all abilities, Daz made it a bit easier on us and bypassed quite a few of the hills so we didn't get taken out in body bags. The trails were moist with rain before and during the ride on both days although it was never heavy enough to be a issue. All 10 of us did 127k's on Saturday, i was sweep after lunch, sometimes i was hanging back a little then i'd go nuts and try and catch the pack i did this through some nice single trail in a pine forest (infested with hippies) and i messed up a bit and hit a branch with my footpeg. I hit it hard enough to knock me off the bike i picked the bike up took off again went for the brakes into the next corner OOPS no back brake lever, on the ground again!
We did some more riding, the down hills and tight corners were now a lot harder with no rear brake. Eventually we stopped at the bottom of a very rutted and washed out hill climb that a few of us had a crack at me included thinking i wish i had a back brake,i wish i had a back brake etc etc. When i got back to the bottom someone says "no back brake Dave".
Never fear Super Hooters is here! (music plays: Dom Dom Dom)
Hooters says "i'll fix that" whips out the epoxy metal and fabricates me a stumpy break lever with the help of bark buster insert supplied by Pounce (look out Jacko he reckons he wants your title) and about 10 minutes or so later we were ready to go. Darren says that will never work lets just burn the bike now and get it over with (see photo)(that's a joke we were trying to get it to set faster).
It got me home and got me through 42.5k's on Sunday with Daz Marty and Hooters. Thanks again Hooters that might have been the difference between me riding or going home on Sunday. A bloody fantastic weekend.

Hooters put out the idea for an Extreme Nannup Ride in the future including lots of hills, i'd suggest if that goes ahead we better start training now and if you haven't ridden at Nannup before talk to someone who has before committing to it.
2Slow (Dave)

Dazza's Nanup campout day one (1 point!) Dazza, Pete450, Coggers, Too slow, Tommy, Martyn, Twoody, Pounce, Darin & Hooters,

Saturday morning bright and early 8:30 at the Nanup camp spot, actually Kirup but that's just to add to the mystery. A few stayed down Friday night a few travelled down sat and a few live there. 8:30 boots on and off we go, Dazza leading Marty sweeping, and everyone briefed. Sunny when we left but we had showers all day, but no steady rain which was good, I was glad to have a jacket all the same but the zipper was up and down all day. The showers put a sheen on the dirt making it pretty slippery but the pea gravel was tamed. Dazz took us thru some fine single track but the rain made the tree roots evil and the small creeks with sharp jump ups were tricky. Most of us did a fair amount of soil testing, Terry must of upset the bike gods, and like myself spent half the day tits up. No big crashes tho and everyone made it around, albeit with a helping hand or some four letter words of encouragement hehe! The steep downhills were tricky and bloody slippery, it was a slide and hope kinda deal and Pounce had the outriggers firmly on the deck. Dazz chose a route that suited everyone with a couple of spectator hills thrown in- more than enough "oh fuck" moments to keep the blood flowing for the nutters in the group. It was good to keep the crew together and we'd all been up early so it worked out perfect. Lunch and fuel at Nanup the locals were all smiles and no dirt bike hate at all. We made it thru hippie central intact but had a careful head count as Tommy was worried Pounce might have joined the commune! As usual the quick putty worked a treat and Dave's brake patched up quick smart- I'm putting in for a merit certificate from Jacko the super sweep! The single trail was awesome and broken up by long wot hills and open 4x4 tracks. The afternoon went quick, and before you know it was 4 o'clock. Back at the cars, Orange Bobbie was there fire going, couple of beers in. Many laughs, lies and stories were shared, the rain chased everyone off to bed around 10pm. Thanks to Dazz, Pete, the sweeps Martyn and Dave and Terry for making me look good :)

Dazza's Nanup campout day two (1 point argh hahahaha) Dazza, Hooters, Too slow & Martyn

We all rose pretty early and a few aches and pains all round, Pounce was moving slowly and Pete had succumbed to the dreaded man flu ( sandy giney!) There was a ceremonial hand over of a six pack of Peroni,and the 12.5% commission paid. So after breaky and goodbyes, there were 4 hardy souls ready for a ride and a coveted ride point, still funny!!! Dazz lead again and we jumped over the road and had a bit of an explore, found some cool single track and hills with no drama or problems, Dave's custom brake lever still hanging in there! Dave, before you change it can you put some real weight on it to see if it breaks, cheers. We were close to the cars around 10am, after a quick chat we decided to quit while we were ahead. We all packed up and headed up the road about 11am great way to top off a fantastic weekend. Again cheers Dazza and everyone. I'm praying for rain.....
Time for the old man adventure bike to get a run I think :)










































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