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Colins Cully run
Date 10/Feb/18
9 Riders Colin, craig, Hooters, JNR, MickKal, peter, Stevektm, WrfPaul, X
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"Colins Cully run": Hooters, Craig, Junior, Darin, Peter Colin, Paul and Mick Kal The PAR club had a run planned and a few of us with dual citizenship decided to jump on board. The PAR boys met at Cully's for a bbq and then had a re group at H.J's in Banksia Grove. We all decided to skip the snaggers and met for a coffee at H.J's at 11:30, where the laughs and lies began. Darin rocked up with the Beta on the ute, the 690 twins rode there as well as Mick and Paul. We were early and the PAR boys started arriving about noon in dribs and drabs- which was great as there were quite a few familiar faces and crusty's from yesteryear. The main crew arrived and "Gangdalf", opps I mean Colin did a riders brief outlining and easy cruisey ride thru to Gingin, and return. It was a big group, I reckon about 30 odd, so we left Banksia and had a regroup at the go kart track just before we hit the dirt and just after Junior hit the dirt...!! By then the size and diversity of the group really hit home, 30 bikes on dusty limestone and bikes from an EXC 300 thru to Honda Africa Twins and everything in between, Tyres from full knobbies at 50bar to street tyres. The limestone was a doodle with a couple of sandy spots to keep the big bikes on their toes. The dust was...umm bad but if you read the play and the wind was manageable, Junior and I blasting from the corner to Colin at the front at 140km/h+ the big 690's reving hard. We have been playing with suspension and I grabbed a graciously donated shock spring from my 690 bro, and Kate was a whole new bike, actually handling pretty good- a few of you might have noticed my dust eating grin! Mick had his 500 sorted for short adventure rides, like myself went from a 525 to a 500, the difference in ergo's and handling in immense, a 60hp sized 250 with a big tank and tall gearing- sweet! Bunga was a no show and sadly missed. Colin, sorry Gandalf was catering to a mixed skill level and gave those doing it tough and out about half way and a few bailed. The power line was a blast and a few of us ran at the front for a blast, whoop whoop, clean air- for me anyway! A couple of dramas and Peter went back to sort it while we carried on towards Gingin. We regrouped at Gingin café- THAT SELLS BEER!! omg it tasted good after the dust. Again a few bailed out and the rest of us headed back towards Barbagello, Colin leading Junior and I sharing corner duties hehe! Speaking of corners, Junior took a couple of extra ones as he blasted past Col in full Dakar zone! More open limestone tracks more dust and more laughs, great fun. The ride finished back at the kart track minus Junior. I hung around, "leave no man behind" And got a call- he realised his stuff up and was too shamed out to face Colin and rode home shoulders slumped head hanging! Cheers Colin for leading and Artilio peter and 990 Ktm for sweeping and all the PAR crew for putting up with the dual citizens and our antics. Great day no dramas but plenty of laughs, ciao Hooters (urban Mike)












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