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ANZAC ride 2018
Date 25/Apr/18
6 Riders Fueltanker Allen, husq mike, Jack, Jacko, Pounce, TigeR
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
ANZAC 2018: 6 keen souls headed East for a morning ride called by Pounce.
Jacko, Jack,FT Allan,Husky Mike and Tiger.
Tigers trailer was first casualty of the day suffering from the bad corregations on the way in.Just a few bits worked loose so able to continue on.
Tiger got in first for sweep duties.Set off at a steady pace and covered a lot of single trail which seemed foreign to me until was told we were going the opposite way.Very little dust to start with,later it picked up a bit.Sunday would have been different.
I missed jacko's little foray into a log , he was closely followed by FTA.
On the way back home we bumped into several groups of riders and a loader clearing the track for a burn.Arrived back at the base after 72kms of nice steady riding and no real incidents.
However Jacko does deserve an honourable mention for trying to drive his bike onto the trailer and failing.
Hanging over the side with leg trapped under the bike.
I recall a HM doing the same stunt last year and also failed.It has sent out a message.If you are going to do it practice a lot.
Thanks Pounce and Tiger for lead and sweep .Enjoyable little ride by all.













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