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Mad Snails Tea Party
Date 26/May/18
13 Riders 2slow, BigGee, DT200, Hooters, Inver, Jack, Jacko, ktm carl, KTMike, MickKal, Pounce, X, XRCass
Rider of the day DT200
Stack of the day ktm carl
Mad Snails Tea Party

Inver called it, 13 others took up the challenge

BigGee, , DT200 & Dad, Hooters, Inver, Jack, Jacko, KTMike, KTM Carl, Mickal, Pounce, 2slow, XRCass

We hadn't gone far before Inver realized the big 5 hungee was off form, she didn't play ball all day.
The conditions were mint with lots of puddles and some light drizzle. (Just enough to create havoc with the goggles)

BigGee - Turns his bike 90 degrees on a straight track and high-sides (TWICE - once on a log, once in a rut)
Inver - stop miss-firing, ya bastard and lead rider.
DT200 - Stirling effort negotiating some steep and greasy gully's
Dad - Looking after his girl
2slow - (not slow at all) Very stylish, carving his way through the pack (style reminds me of H)
Mickkal - Almost had an encounter with the deck. (The mud caked on his helmet told a different story) Assistant lead Rider
XRCass - Super sweep and nursing the big girl through the single track (eating chicken at any opportunity)
Pounce - Just pushes the start button and rides (Known to offer sarcastic advice to anyone who deserves a serve)
Hooters - like a kid on Christmas morning (including the slippers)
Jacko - solid on the green machine
Jack - The only difficulty Jack has with riding, is what to wheel out of the shed in the morning (Two stroke or 4 stroke today)
KTMike - New to CQ from PAR but fitting in well with his sweet 300
KTM Carl - Champion bike loader - I hope you are ok mate.

A fun day with a few beers after, no one injured on the trails, almost a clean sheet (except for Carl)
Thanks to everyone, good to be out riding again and enjoying the trail banter.



















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