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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Gnorth to Gnarloo
Date 06/Jun/18
3 Riders Fueltanker Allen, Jacko, Pounce
Rider of the day Jacko
Stack of the day Not awarded
Starting with a cool morning in Bindoon and finishing with an even cooler morning somewhere in the wheatbelt, Jacko’s ride had it all.

Jacko, Pounce and FTAL followed the rabbitproof fence to the watering holes in Yalgoo. Then North to Murchison to feed on the scraps left by another group of riders. Rested at Gascoyne Junction and headed West to Carnarvon to check out the rain clouds. After deciding to brave the rain we ended up in a sandstorm of biblical proportions and proceeded to Gnaraloo to spend a couple of days exploring the coast. As is standard for this time of year the precious roads closed around us. We spent a night at Kalbarri to watch the Queenslanders get smashed then back inland to Three Springs to rest and recuperate. ( and have Jacko’s jacket stolen) Back into the chilly, muddy, frosty morning we headed South once again.

A fantastic, extremely well prepared ride Jacko, thanks! For a guy who struggles with computers you sure know your way around a GPS! (control C)

What did I learn on Jacko’s ride?

Nature has 4 ways of taking your sense of sight away while you are riding.
• Dust:
I’ve whinged about dust on Crusty rides before but this one took the prize.
We rode along a scenic ocean view track and couldn’t see the ocean or the next rider 5m in front of you.
• Rain:
Rain is nice to clear the dust but enough is enough. Carnarvon turned from a dry dusty coastal community into a lake. Nothing closes a road quicker than a deluge.
• Fog:
I’ve never seen a fog cloud that you can see from 20kms away. It’s not like we climbed a mountain, all of this happened at 20m above sea level. The temperature dropped by 20deg and felt like hitting a wall.
If you rattle your pupils around enough, everything goes blurry.
• Scenery
At times the view is so amazing that you forget you are riding an overweight dirt bike, at speed, along a dodgy track.

Thanks Jacko and Pounce.
See you next year!
























































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