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Bucket and spade not included
Date 11/Aug/18
8 Riders Dutchy450, Jack, Jacko, JB, JNR, TigeR, X, XRCass
Rider of the day Jacko
Stack of the day Not awarded
Bucket and spade not included

Players: XRCass, Darin, JNR, JB, Jack, TigeR, Jacko, Dutchy

I’m not sure Darin really called the ride, but he floated the idea. It didn’t take Cass long to jump at the chance of a ride in the sand from the OVT. The usual sand gropers all chimed in and it was set for a lie in friendly 8.30 start. Cass lead the way as we were in his back yard. First stop the quarry to look for a couple of hills no dramas and on to some familiar fast flowing trails to get the blood pumping, plenty of nice ruts and berms to blast through and everyone is having a ball. A quick run through some pine forests to practice hopping a few logs. 10m into the pines and Jacko took a quick sand sample (expertly dismounted I might add!) Then Cass decided it was about time we all got wet since it was a nice sunny day, so we were of down to the lake to see if we could get around it, which we did via a couple of flowing river crossings. Cass did the descent thing since he was leading and went paddling, as we all stood on the bank providing words of encouragement. Everybody through without too much drama. We thought we were home and dry, popped out of the trees to be confronted by crossing number two. Cass is in paddling again and we are good to go, a quick scramble to make sure you weren’t the last one in and we’re off again. Crossing number three would have required a boat so we’re off in the opposite direction. Fuel for body and bike required so next stop Gin Gin. More sand and whoops, Jacko managed to get stung by a Bee above his eye so it was a race to get back to the OVT before Jacko’s eye was fully shut (Hope its ok, a few beers should fix it!) A slight break down of the corner man system on the way back meant a bit of confusion and a lot of whoops, for a few of us (Thanks JNR!!) Thanks for a great ride guys, well lead as always Cass and well swept TigeR.

165K’s all up and a severe case of monkey butt, cheers guys

(ROTD to Jacko - rode about 30 kms of sand tracks with one eye fully closed due to a bee sting).






















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