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Busselton Ride
Date 11/Aug/18
5 Riders cogers, DazzaM, Martyn, pete450, Shotter
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Busselton Ride
I picked up myself a new 500 and was thinking of a good place to run it in and Pete 450 suggested Busselton and seeing that we haven't ridden there in ages we thought give it a go. We had Pete 450 Martyn,Cogers,SHotter and his young bloke (Kane)and myself hitting the tracks
First half of the ride was more open fire break and 4wd tracks good for running in a new bike. Plenty of water around and Kane was doing extremely well on Ktm 85 he was keeping up with the big boys with no dramas. At one point we thought he was a gone when we came across a rather deep water crossing. It was bad enough getting the bigger bikes through but he tackled it like a pro and got through with no dramas which was surprising that it didnt suck in any water as Martyn suck in some water on his 300 and luckily stall out at the end of the crossing.Wasnt long after that We went back to cars to fuel up and three of the guys went home
Myself Pete and Martyn did the afternoon session which was more open and fast flowing tracks which was some of the Busselton enduro tracks and more water crossings. I think we did around 110 km which was enough to get me passed the first run in stage of the 500
Thanks to Pete 450 for leading and showing us around Busselton area.Great mix of tracks,trails and water crossings even though im not a big fan off getting water in the boots but always good to ride different spots
Good to see that everyone that got out on there bikes yesterday had a good time
See you down at Northcliff in a couple of weeks time

Great ride in busso yesterday with awesome conditions and no rain! As dazz mentioned mostly easy going trails with just a bit of good single trails thrown in the mix.Its a huge shame thereís been so much logging in the area demolishing most of the best trails including the special test sections which I was looking forward to showing the guys,but thatís why the pines are put there in the first place I spose.With most of our riding being nannup and woky I quite enjoyed a cruisy ride with plenty of opportunities to stretch the throttle cable and click a few gears.Looking forward to the next one and young Kane welcome anytime, that kid can ride!









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