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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Date 25/Aug/18
14 Riders Ant, Biggles, CRFAndrew, DazzaM, husq mike, Jack, Jacko, JNR, KTMJAMES, MickKal, Pounce, TigeR, Tommy, X
Rider of the day Jack
Stack of the day Not awarded
Thanks to all for the kind words & messages of thanks.

I can tell you all, that I loved doing it and kind of missed those days when we used to do an annual pilgrimage.

Maybe we can put it on the list as an annual or bi-annual event (hitting the two swings, sort your lives out fifo guys haha)

It was a joint effort with Jack, Tadhg and I doing the recce trip (We started talking about it a year ago) and we knew then that we were onto something good.

Leading rides is not high on my favorites list (or ability) I am a one thing at a time type of guy haha, but I call and lead to try and put something back.

It was a pleasure to spend a weekend doing something I have always loved, (bikes, drinking & banter) with a great bunch of blokes (and some wives)

Thanks for organizing a great weekend away Darin.
Doesn't get much better than that, staying at the pub with the bikes parked out back and ready to ride (heaps better than being cold and wet camping in the bush)
All round awesome weekend, thanks to all the guys that lead, swept and helped us over the logs and out bog holes.Thanks for a great weekend. Big thumbs up to Darin for organising it and leading with Jack and Jnr.

No carnage except for Jnr showing us how its not done on the Friday arvo ride. Didn't seem to slow him down much but behind closed doors he cried and whinged a bit. Still not sure if its about his bent handlebars or the bruised hip. That was a good warm up ride for some of us who decided to go out and brave the cool air.

The loops on Saturday was fantastic, with the second one being the best by far. The tracks were great. Never seen so many trees down though. The team work clearing and lifting bikes under, over, and around the trees was top notch.
Had a great time after each ride at the pub. Dunc looked after us with a good feed and plenty of the brown stuff flowing from the taps. Fires were blazing and heaters were blowing. Plenty of tall stories told and even late night cake.

On Sunday those that stayed went and checked out the sand after having pizza for breaky. It didn't start the best with a lot more clearing of branches. I think Dunc's plan was to talk up how good it is to get us out there, we clear it, then him and his mates can go ride it in a few days. It worked, but it was good blast besides drowned bikes. Team work again cleared the two strokes of water. Jnr took one for the team and drowned his also just to show 4 strokes and drink water too.

Once back all but 3 went home. Me, Pounce and Jnr spent the rest of the day until closing drowning our sore bodies at the bar. Met a few locals and heard plenty of funny stories from them all. Some interesting people down there.

Thanks to Dunc, Helen, Hannah, and CHEF-REE for the hospitality.

Three of the best rides ever all in one day, its going to be hard to beat that. great photos too. Sundays ride looks pretty good too, it looks like the tide was in.

Yes it was a great weekend away, Sunday looks like it might have been fun as well. Thanks to the Darin, Jack and Tiger for organizing, leading and sweeping the event. Loved the single track sections that made it look like you were riding through a green tunnel. And it was the first time I have seen anybody bring a hacksaw along for the ride and it sure got used plenty of times cutting a path through the bush! Good work Tommy and by the way your bike and helmet sure looks a lot like mine!

Was another great ride, from tall timber to deep water.
Cheers to all who organised, lead & swept. We must do that area again & again.

I'll upload a few choice one but all my photos are here

Pick which ones you want high quality of & I'll send them to you

Top weekend! Thanks to Darin for organising. Dunk & crew for the hospitality. Our leaders Darin, Jacek & Junior and to everybody else who all swept the sweep at one point or another.

Thanks to Darin, our host Dunk and everybody who came along to make this a memorable weekend of riding, drinking and bench racing. We shared lots of laughs, had a few stacks, pinched a tube, drowned two and a half bikes, crossed countless number of logs and ridden a total of 250km of trails.

Darin,Jack and Tiger.Thanks for a great ride.I had real fun and thats whats its about.The greasy tracks ,creek crossings, great downhills and the log obstacles which kept coming made it one of the best rides this year. If I could change one thing though,next ride the young ones can carry the ramp logs.Tommy and I are going to supervise.
Husq Mick

Such an awesome weekend.

We discussed this at the pub but team work was unbelievable. Getting 16 bikes through some of the gnarliest conditions WA has to offer. Everyone jumped in, made a plan and got things happening.

For me the best riding weekend I have been involved in, (even though I was not well before I started - Flu)

Thanks to everyone (especially Jack, who took over when my wheels fell off haha)








































































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