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Tommy’s 2Fiddy
Date 15/Jun/19
10 Riders Hooters, Jack, Jacko, Jed77, JNR, KTMike, MickKal, ToddHusqy, Tommy, WR Ross
Rider of the day Jed77
Stack of the day Hooters
Riders : Tommy, Jack, JNR, Hooters, Jed, Jacko, WrRoss, MickKal, Todd, KtmMike.

ROTD: Jed77
SOTD : Hooters

Well the rain had come down all week & everyone was getting a little excited that they could finely play in the mud with no signs of any dust so MickKal made the call to meet up at the Sawyers pub & with no hesitation 10 riders jumped all over it.

With a quick chin wag on who was sweeping & off we went into some awesome single tracks just to start it off & everyone had smiles from ear to ear with some of the best conditions there have been for a long long time, nice grippy dirt with a few puddles round & the odd section of that green slimy stuff just to keep you in check.

After some single track MickKal threw in some hill sections were Jed ROTD on a mountain goat weaved some magic through the carnage to the top first just to look down & have a chuckle with Hooters once he arrived, nice work lads puck you.

Once we all came back down grabbed our breath only to be lead of into more awesome single/open trails with a few good little races going on in between the group just for old times sake witch made someone very eager & ride into a tree, mmmm wonder who that was??? STACK OF THE DAY, after this anonymous rider sat there for a brief moment to find out who & where he was off he went like nothing happened only to blame someone else for his miss fortune Hahahaha bags of cement on special at Bunnings.

We came across another hill section that had all different steepness & angled lines to the top witch had everyone entertained for another play while others rested & watched.

Once everyone had got that out of their systems we were into more awesome trails for more entertainment right the way through back to the pub for some $6 pints, food & a laugh about another one of the best rides we have had for a long time no major offs, flats tyres, mechanical issues & no one hurt is always a plus.

Well done Tommy on your 250th.

See you guys at Capel.









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