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Capel 2019
Date 29/Jun/19
7 Riders CRFAndrew, DazzaM, Hooters, Jason, JNR, KTMJAMES, Tommy
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Thanks to everyone who went to Capel, was a good laugh around the fire with a few to many beers & some good yarns, also was good to see Danza & Marty pop down for beer too.
The first loop Me & Hooters were at it like a rat a up a drain pipe getting out with in the first 20 bikes so there was no one really for him to over take only his arse when his head hit the dirt hard but he still managed to brake all the rules Col :))

See you guys out there again soon.

Thanks to all the boys down at Capel. The Friday night around the fire is always a great time.
Whoever playlist was on was spot on, great Aussie tunes, some I hadn't heard in ages!
As for the day, weather was great and the track was awesome with a good percentage not used in a long time.
Unfortunately I had one of those days. Hit something whilst cornering and getting on the gas in a pines section and ripped the valve from the tube. Changed the rear tube out and got going again (thanks to all the people offering there help, really was great!). Another 10kms down and tyre was almost flat again. Used my last CO2 canister to fill but another 5kms it was flat again. Was a bummer as those track really were there to be ridden fast, unfortunately I found out riding slow is harder!
Got back to the cars and Andrew offered to help change out for another tube but just took it as a sign it wasn't my day so called it a day. Can't remember my last flat so guess I can't complain. On a positive was I was home, unpacked, cleaned, tube changed and everything away before dark.
Until next time lads (Wobbles Camp Out?), thanks again.

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this years Capel 200 it was a cracker the conditions were perfect. Most of the Crusty crew managed to get in 2 loops the first loop was busy for about the first 40 klm then it thinned out with only a few riders of similar speed to ride with. I road all the special stages on the first loop the best one was the last one 5 klm from the end. The second loop was a blast I was stuck with JNR leading and Hooters riding sweep so the pace was a lot faster than I can usually handle. There were a few new sections this time through the pines this was great fast and flowing then a greasy section to give you a scare and slow you up again.
All in all a great event well worth the drive down.







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