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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Date 25/Aug/19
9 Riders Ant, Hazi, Hooters, Jack, JB, KTMike, Macca, MickKal, Tommy
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“Where,re my boots”
Mickkal, Hooters, Tommy, JB, Macca, Hazi, Ant, Jack, KTMike,

Mitch called it a ride at J Town, sneaky code for the northern hills. My day started all sorted on my way to arrive early, ummm untill I had a light bulb moment at the maze, fuck! No boots, bugger. So u turn ,performance mode selected an a quick run back to mine, arriving a bit late at about 8:30, everyone was ready and I coped the usual abuse- mainly about my haircut! So Mitch leading and Hazi sweeping over the road we went great trails open with a few rocky downhills, It was decided to blaze some new trails and we followed an old single track, which could have been a roo track, either way it was heaps of fun, pretty tight an overgrown but cool, we linked up with our usual trail after about an hour of bush bashing, a few miles of open dirt roads to cool the bikes an bodies down and it was back into single track, fuel was starting to become a talking point and Macca and Hazi had a wee rest while the rest of us did a single track loop. We collected the boys and headed off towards the cars more usual tracks with a bit of single here and there, back at the cars about 2pm, 90km done, no one run out of fuel a few offs, Tommy turned his bike upside down along with myself an a few others, Mike’s hand was playing up from a previous injury but no real drama, great day! The bush bash section was a highlight for me an we found some good country, Ant still owes me a beer after stopping in front of me on the edge of a deep creek a couple of feet deep that I coulda smashed thru but I must be getting soft and jumped on the skids at the last minute and saved him from a tsunami! A few beers lies an laughs at the end to finish off a brilliant day, cheers Mitch and Hazi for sweeping. Good to meet ya Macca, hope to see ya again. Bring on the woky campout I’m super looking forward to that
Cheers for the laughs, Hooters

Thanks MickKal for the great tracks today. Those single tracks were awesome. The weather was perfect for the 9 of us who hit JTown. Some of us hit it a bit harder than others. Cheers to the sweep Hazi also.

Thanks MickKal for yet another great ride, a good mix of trails wet and dry. Cheers to Hazi for sweeping and all that assisted after I hit the trail.

Thanks for the ride today guys Mickkal for leading Hazie for sweeping and everyone else just for turning up and making it fun some of the today’s tracks no one has been on since Moondyne Joe was a lad

Thanks Mickkal for leading us on some great trails today, had a blast. Thanks Hazi for the sweep duties and everyone else for filling the gap in the middle. Cheers guys.

Thanks everbody for turning up, it wasnt our normal loop today but it was good to mix it up. Also went on a couple of new single tracks for me, suprisingly one starts from the carpark, no idea how long thats been there?

Thanks MickKal for mixing it up today and Hazi for sweeping. So much variety thrown in and still plenty more to explore and discover next time. Got a little taste of summer dusty conditions today so that’s a good reminder to get as many rides in before the tracks dry out.

Thanks to all who made today’s ride a great day. 
First time riding with Crustys 
Can’t wait for the next one.
Cheers Macca.




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