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Covid restrictions relaxed
Date 02/May/20
8 Riders Bunga, Inver, jinxy, JNR, KTMike, Slates, Tommy, WR Ross
Rider of the day WR Ross
Stack of the day Not awarded
Date: 2/05/2020
8 Riders: Jinxy, KTM Mike, Bunga, Tommy, Inver, JNR, WR Ross, Slates.
Ride of the day: Tommy/WR Ross
Stack of the day: Not awarded

Covid-19 Tank Ride.

Covid restrictions relaxed and Jnr calls a ride. We have 8 riders, just under the 10 social gathering rule. We meet at the Sawyers Valley Tank Complex @ 0800. We have a ride brief and its decided Tommy will lead and WR Ross will take on sweep duties.

6 KTMs and 2 Huskys wobble out of the car park and Tommy leads us straight into a single trail. Within 10 minutes Bunga and Slates are calling for oxygen and a medic! Somehow we make it to the next stop and Tommy continues on with an assortment of flowing single trails, a bit of tight stuff, gravel tracks in an all-round Tommy lead which as usual, does not disappoint.

We are all dusting off the cobwebs, although it was obvious some riders must have had some sneaky sessions of late as their skills didn't look to have suffered over the last couple of months. It's starting to warm up now with the predicted maximum heading towards 27 and we are putting away the kays when all of a sudden riding comes to a grinding halt. All cornermen have a 10-minute breather until we backtrack to each rider and end up at checkpoint Bunga with his 500 balancing on a rock, the back wheel off and a pump in hand. The tyre didn't look that bad from my angle as it was only flat on the bottom however, Bunga elected to put in a new tube in! 15 minutes later and after a little chat and some jelly beans, kindly provided by Jinxy, we hit the electric leg again and resumed our journey.

With no more holdups, the riding flowed on into the afternoon and heading back we hit a little uphill/downhill section with multiple burnt-out logs scattered across a rocky single track which encouraged a log hopping frenzy all the way back to the meeting point.

Back at the camp, JNR was well prepared (as usual) running water to wash off the dust and cold beers put in the esky earlier were put to good use. We had a few brewskis while we watched Inver destroy half the pantry of food he brought with him to restore the energy he had lost on the day's ride.

Big shout out to JNR for organising the ride, Tommy for leading and WR Ross for sweeping all day. Also thanks to all the riders who turned up for the COVID-19 ride....bring on the rain.





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