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Woky Warm Up
Date 20/Jun/20
8 Riders Bunga, Hazi, Jack, Jacko, JB, Jed77, TigeR, Tommy
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Hazi
Woky Warmup

Riders: Tommy Jacko JB Jack TigeR Hazi Jed77 Bunga

Tommy called it and 7 players responded. Perfect weather and conditions even if my car display showed 4 degrees at 8 am. We headed off for a little drive past the Rock inn to find the parking area, suited up and off before 9 am 8 riders in all lead by Tommy and swept by Jacko. Iíve ridden a few of these tracks and camped out in this area. The tracks were fantastic with a good combination of open roads technical single tracks and the odd hill climb for the brave souls. Little or no dust made for great traction with damp soil. My first ride using Moose tubes was event free and they really put the power into the ground. I was warned they would feel a bit odd and I did notice the rear felt kind of flat coming out corners under power and hitting hard pack it gave a distinct wobble but the upside no tyre changes for a change, happy days.
One small hiccup was TigeRs Beta had a shut down and Jacko checked the basic signs of life until the Surgeon General Jack arrived on the scene and diagnosed a previous issue and within less than an hour the Beta came back to life and with thanks and hand shakes we were on the road again, great effort to Jack the the lads.
Very good pace for the day with the cornerman system working a treat. A few stops here and there for a chat and just in sight of the car parking spot Bunga has gone out wide on the pegs and clipped a dead tree sending the front end into a large hidden log sending him back down onto the seat as the skid plate hit it very hard throwing it out onto the track. A very close call, so close to the finish line but thankfully nothing serious other than poo in my pants, A good reminder not to get complacent towards the end of a ride. A few small falls from a few lads mostly doing long hops but no injuries.
All up approximately 100 kms for the day with a big thanks to Tommy and Jacko for keeping the group together and entertained.
Next weekend itís Woky and I caught the weather forcast tonight, rain from Monday till Thursday and fine weather on Friday and Saturday in Perth so letís hope for the same down south.
Thanks guys for a great day out.








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