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Mickal’s 100 false start
Date 10/Jul/20
4 Riders Hooters, Jaydub1098, Jed77, Zane
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Well Mick’s 100 was a fizzer, the guest of honour was a no show due to work. But in true crusty style we soldiered on with out him and tried not to have too much fun ( lies sorry Mick!) We meet at the lakes Bp- (giant green roadhouse ) at the lakes, parked there an got sorted, there were 9 of us in total another 5 guys I know from west oz single track, since Mick didn’t show an the average age was now 10yrs lower we decided to hit the hard tech stuff. My mate Luke lead off and after a few hiccups and a lost rider the young guns decided the old man corner system might not be too bad, ole mate with yz450, bailed after working out a moto cross bike is actually for moto cross not enduro. Down to 8. Luke knows all the tech tracks well, an sadistically led us thru ezberg, dragging the old boys along, everyone was toasted, red faces everywhere an the smell of clutch an coolant in the air, new crusty Jaybo ( Jamie) was on a 501 but muscled the big girl up everything- huge effort. Rocky creeks, super slippery up hills and suicidal downhills by far the most challenging crusty ride ever. By 1pm the 4!crusty crew were all looking very crusty, so the plan was to hit a nice twisty creek an head home, bit of a communication breakdown had us back into ezberg part 2! We all watch Luke finish the rocky creek from up on the bank, then bush bashed to the “nice” easy creek a beautiful little run back to the main track, homeward bound. Quick easy run back to the cars with a boggy creek crossing thrown in just to make it interesting. Back at the cars at 2pm about 30km done-in 5hrs!! Great day the conditions were mint us old boys held our own and it was back slaps all round at the cars ( giant green roadhouse) my mate luke lead us to hell an back an it was awesome lost count of the lay downs, prob about 50 between us, true story! My poor 300 still sporting a clutch cover full of bog from the last run, great day, happy umm 99 Mick...;)






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