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Mickkal 100
Date 25/Jul/20
7 Riders 2slow, DazzaM, Hooters, husq mike, JNR, MickKal, Zane
Rider of the day MickKal
Stack of the day Not awarded
ide report: “Woky trial run”
Players, Hooters, Pikey, Mickal, Zane, Dazz, Dave, Junior
Due to the dates Junior and I couldn’t make the camp out, so I rang Dazz and he was keen to do an explore sat the week before, so Junior and I were in! I asked around and posted the ride and Zane, Mickal, And Pikey were keen as well. Big day for the northern suburbs crew we were due at Woky at 8, we met at the “big green servo” on the Kwinana and drove down together, I nailed a fox, he was alive when he went under the front but Zane reckons dead as a coffin nail rolling out under the back, brief stop to cut off some lose plastic and back on the road. We arrived on time boots on about half eight. Dazz leading Pikey sweeping, great trails with some harder stuff thrown in. Back at the cars bout eleven refuel and pick up Dave. The second lap was always gunna be a bit more challenging, but everyone knew the score. Dazz led us thru some cool trails an hills that were a bit more full on, Mickal and Pikey staged a mutiny, and “got lost!” , bloody good timing as the bar was raised to “fook that” some really cool hills plenty of lay downs and a bit of waiting on Junior, who was now sweeping- apparently all Zanes fault.....! I had a trip over the bars and felled a tree at the same time! One in particular was a heart breaker, and that’s where Zane had his trip over the bars. A couple more hills back at the cars about 2pm, few beers and usual laughs and accusations and driving home shortly after, big day but well worth it. Cheers Dazz, Pikey and Junior for sweeping. Enjoy the camp out think of me drilling holes underground:(






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