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Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky
Date 31/Jul/20
17 Riders Ant, Bunga, DazzaM, Flip, husq mike, Inver, Jack, Jacko, Jed77, MickKal, Pounce, Rothy, ToddHusqy, Tommy, Twoody, WR Ross, XRCass
Rider of the day XRCass
Stack of the day husq mike
Jed - Great ride down at Wokky
Big thanks again to Dazza for leading was a great mix of everything and cheers to Jacko and Ross for sweeping

Bunga - Dazza you put on a fantastic ride for us and canít thank you enough for once again showing us your back yard. You gave a whole weekend up to entertain us guys and a great weekend was had telling bullshit stories around the camp fire. Thanks to everyone who showed up. My vote for ride of the day goes to my old school mate Brendon on the 650 tractor amazing effort and great to catch up. See you all on Saturday at 5 pm at the Mustang Bar.

HuskyMike - Already been said, but Dazza excelled this weekend, with a lot of well put together new and old tracks.
I think about 75 odd ks in the morning and 25 odd in the afternoon session.Some reasonably challenging stuff out there to keep us on our toes.Pounce had a short riding weekend after coming off second best with a tree Fri night.
Sun morning ride was whittled down to 4 (possibly due to the late evening shenanagins).
HM should have bailed too, cos a rooky front wheel washout on the roof rack track ended with me riding back with damaged shoulder.
Luckily I had panadol (and 4 stubbies in the esky) ,so waited till the boys got back to load the bike on.

Jacko swept again for the sat morning and Ross handled afternoon session.

I definitely would give XR Cass a vote for rider of the day.I (and probably others) would have died trying get that beast up some of those hills.

A great weekend.

Ant - Thanks all for the great weekend. Big turnout meant not many gaps left to setup camp. Plenty of bs around the campfire and lots of laughs.
Hows that score Rothy? haha
Thanks for the feed Inver. Those beef rolls with that smokey rib sauce were A grade. You get my vote for rider of the day!

Jack - Dazza thanks for being a great host and accommodating everybody over the weekend with two night rides on Friday and tailored day rides to suit all riders.

Good work by Husq Mike with his 3Tonnes of wood delivery for our tribal campfire that burnt continuously over the weekend.

XRCass fought hard all weekend considering he brought a knife to a gun fight . At one point it looked like the artery was severed on his Honda, as green coolant was spurting everywhere uncontrollably. That bike definitely has a soul ! In his battles Cass ripped his legendary army surplus riding pants providing him with quick access to his balls sack, fortunately he managed to contain his family jewels in his jocks and saved himself from an embarrassing moment on the trail.

Thanks also to Jacko and Ross for bringing up the rear all 14 riders, which is a mighty feat in an area such as Woky.

Jacko - Thanks dazza, that's the ride of the year for me,and inver for the feed and mike for the firewood and everyone else for a great weekend.
How's the shoulder mike?

MickKal - Great job on the trax Dazza, nice non whooped out singles all day long. Cass also get my vote for ROTD. There was plenty of spills on the weekend but HM gets my vote for SOTD when he dropped his bike doing a regulation Uturn which got a few hoots from the mob. Thanks Inver for the beef rolls, Bunga for the nice Scotch and Jack for the test ride that didnt end so well.

Inver - Well what amazing weekend
Been way to long since dodging the trees of the south
Friday night ride was good fun, but a light up grade badly needed
Saturday was a good mix of single trail and hill climbs
There was 4 of us that front up for the Sunday morning ride no need for names
My vote for SOTD day goes to Pounce and ROTD goes to Cass for throwing the BRP around like a Russian weight lifter
Big thanks to
Dazza for a well lead ride good mix of trails and looking after 14 riders.
Jacko and Ross for sweep duties
HusMike for the biggest wood pile ever
Pounce for being the camp site guard dog
I'm glade everyone enjoyed the roast
I hope the shoulder ok Mike
Cheers for a top weekend beats working any day!!!!!!!!!!!!

WrRoss - What a top weekend, thanks for the great ride on Saturday Dazza, and Inver for the beef rolls, Mike for the wood and Jacko for sweeping. Obviously dirt bike riding makes you very thirsty as there were a few empties lying around in the morning. See ya's next Saturday night in the city.

XRCass - Top ride Dazza!

Cheers to anyone that gave the XR a bit of a lift here and there (Jed picked her up a couple of times on the last leg).
Great feed from Inver and a very nice 'wee dram' from Bunga to ease the pain.

Bit of inspiration I watched this morning ...

Rothy - Yes !! top ride Dazza Thankyou heaps know how much homework you got do to find the right tracks great loop awesome mix had everything throw in , dont remember them hill been so hard to do , broke spoke didnít keep from 2nd ride sat I was just stuffed ... thanks Twoody for having the right Allen key and helping me up that greasey hill and couple other guys , wish I could nominate 4 ROTDs , Dazza for calling And leading 4 awesome rides fri sat sat and sun , Inver for the chef skills Suppling roast beef rolls to everyone twice, Xrcass for throwing that beast of a bike up and down them hills Chuck Norris has nothing on you , and Huskymike Suppling wood some big stumps There reckon that last one we rolled in weight 300+ kgs , thanks Bunga for the single malt scotch Whisky , and sweep master Jacko sweeping dutyS again , Awesome thanks

HM - Jacko, I think the adventure ride may be out ,but lets see how it looks in a week.
Will see the quack today and get some scans done.
In reflection ;with all my stacks and prangs on Crusty rides since 2004,
this might be the first one which keeps me out of another ride for a while.
Shit happens.







































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