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Northern Hills and a Chopper Ride
Date 29/Aug/20
6 Riders Griffo, Hoofhearted, Hooters, Jacko, KTMike, Tommy
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Another update from Colin no wonder he was in so much pain

Hey Tommy, being discharged today, ended up with 3 broken ribs, collapsed lung from rib puncture, bit of a bleed from liver and 2 fractured vertebrate, nothing I can do but rest up and stay off the bike for a while- may have to take up some riding lessons!!
Thanks again

Got this text from Colin so I thought I'd share it

Thanks for the day Tommy, really had a good day up until then, more practice needed I think, that is if the wife hasn't sold the bike by the time I get home. Only 1 broken rib and something else that I didn't understand, just waiting on neck ct results so the brace can come off- feels all good to me.
Please send my thanks to everyone for the ride and all the help today.

Great ride yesterday, thanks Tommy for leading and Jacko as sweep. The trails went from boggy to damp to the Sahara in some places, riding on marbles is a skill Iím still working on. I hope Colin is OK after his mishap, an amazing response time by the Ambo crew, paramedics, ambo and helo all arriving within 30 minutes. Even a guest appearance by the boys / girls in blue. Awesome team work And support by all crustys to look after a Fellow rider.
Cheers KTMike

Cheers for a great ride yesterday gents. Good mix of hills, single track, and open trails. Thanks Tommy lead and Jacko sweep. Was awesome to see everyone helping out after the crash.

Well Bunga since you asked, the day was going well with lots of great single trail and then the hills and then more single trail until the last five k run through more open country back to the cars. I was sweeping and came across Collin the new guy on the ground near his bike. He was struggling to breath and was in a lot of pain. I got his helmet off and he started to breath a bit better. There was not much I could do but I new the sooner he got help the better. I left him alone for a few minutes and went ahead and found Hooters on the next corner and sent him on to get a car to get him back to the car park. Then Tommy and Hooters came back with the car and got him loaded in. I went ahead and got one of the crew to call the ambos. By the time they got there Tommy turned up with the patient and they got to work. Then the chopper came and landed in the paddock down the road. Even the police came to help out. We got his bike loaded and Collins father came to pick it up. I had family commitments so I left at this point. I forgot to mention that Collin had hit a tree and I'm sure he had broken ribs.










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