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Seven plus fourteen equals OMG!
Date 05/Sep/20
15 Riders Bigal, BigGee, Biggles, Bunga, Hooters, Jacko, Jed77, JNR, KTMike, Kyle564, Mainy, MickKal, Tom399, Yatesy, Zane
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Ride report: seven plus fourteen equals OMG!
Players: Mickal, Jacko, junior, ktmike, Jed, Bunga, Zane , big gee, Murray, Allan ( about 8 young fella’s names please) and others sorry the names escape me 21 in total

Wow! Mickal called a ride, 7of us original gangsters rolled up...... and another 14 guys! A heap of young fast guys allan’s 2 sons and their friends, the banter bullshit level went thru the roof and we hadn’t even got to the park up point yet! So we drove to the “special spot” along the York Rd and got changed there. Quick brief an into it, everyone being familiar with the corner man system, but I was expecting drama with such a big group, and so many new crew. Mick was on to it tho bunching us up with regroups heaps more than usual- it was a great plan an paid off, no one got lost all day. Mick lead us thru great tracks and the numbers an the millennials made it an action packed day, they were fast but started off super friendly not passing, and hanging back, but soon got into carving thru the pack. So much fun, mud roosts and puddle carnage everywhere. And yes ummm the junior incident, he fell off in the creek, see pic, I rushed in to help him and in my haste slipped an mistakenly kicked water and mud on him, got a cramp and my leg jerked about 4 times, sorry mate . We did about 110km in total great tracks mostly flowing single, with a few hills chucked in, the mossy rock hill caught us out and there was carnage, bikes stuck everywhere and laughs an abuse being chucked around. The run back to the cars was open an big puddles everywhere, Zane found a monster trying to roost junior, the wave pulled him off the bike- justice! I filled in a couple of tailgaters, , accidentally of course, sorry Jed . The distance was an issue and the two bangers all ran low, a couple ran out. But as usual we shared a bit out and rode on. Back at the cars junior fired up the bbq the young crew bailed out early, I heard a rumour they couldn’t handle the banter , I hope they keep coming, more new crew, they have been made welcome and all had a good time and everyone has been told to message up if coming so when have an idea of numbers. Snags beers an laughs, new faces, old faces, same banter same laughs, x 21! Thanks for the snags junior maybe leave some for everyone next time “ ten snag Zane” ! Great day awesome turnout, everyone has been asked to use the original page, and post up if riding. Cheers Mickal, courage under fire! Jacko for sweeping, and as usual everyone for the laughs. No injuries no drama 21 riders, great to see the new faces, never too old to roost, Hooters






















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