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Pounces Pet Python
Date 26/Sep/20
7 Riders 2slow, Griffo, Jed77, Martyn, MickKal, Pounce, Tommy
Rider of the day Martyn
Stack of the day Not awarded
Pounce decided to call another 20th anniversary ride for the Crusties, the first call down his way.
Good fun with some overgrown single, old whooped out single, fast flowing single, fast flowing tracks & a couple of small hills.

Well done to Pounce leading and Tommy sweeping. It took six to help Pounce lose his virginity. About 80ks of great country n some snotty bits. Dust in parts mixed with a blue plume, especially on the hills. Brett carried enough fuel for us all, Jed77 muscled the 500 around and 2slow provided shelter for a post ride beer. Well done all. Martyn

Thanks to Pounce, Tommy and everyone else for the ride today
Some great trails and timed the weather, with the rains only after loading up, even got to use the new silky gomboy!
Cheers Jed

Thanks for great ride today Pounce there was a pile of good tracks out there and cheers for the sweep Tommy. Mick

Thanks for the lead yesterday Pounce it was good to get on the bike again I haven't been out nearly enough this year. Thanks also to our sweep rider and everyone who came along and made it a good ride.
Ride = dry
Pack up = mostly dry
Last bit of pack up, beer, chat and drive home = VERY WET
2slow - Dave









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