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Jack's Epic Northcliffe 2020
Date 02/Oct/20
19 Riders Bigal, Biggles, DT200, Hoofhearted, Hooters, Jack, Jacko, Jed77, jinxy, JNR, Martyn, MickKal, pete450, Pounce, Rothy, TigeR, Tommy, Twoody, WR Ross
Rider of the day Jack
Stack of the day Not awarded
Northcliffe weekend, Friday arvo
Players Hooters, Junior, Allan, RMX guy, Jack, Biggles, Tiger, Hoofarted (Dave), Pounce, Rothy, Mickal, Pete, Martyn, Tommy, Jinxy (please add in the forgotten riders admin)

So Jack stepped up and planned an epic weekend at Northcliffe, pretty much all ya had to do was book accommodation turn up and ride, mint. The turn out was huge most of us cruised down on Friday morning and a few showing up sat. Even the drive down was cool, the last 50km or so thru the tall timber country, looking green, moist and spectacular. I convoyed down with junior and Amanda, we arrived about 2pm, checked in, and did the meet and greet with the boys and the wags.

The excitement was tangible even at this early stage, boots and jackets on, FYI it was Fuggin cold, a balmy 10 degrees. So Jack lead us off tiger sweeping, what could go wrong....more on that later. A bit of bitchy then a bit of dirt road, then into the costal tracks leading thru the marsh out to the sand dunes. The pics tell the story, cool tracks with bog holes puddles and plenty of water to catch ya out. I lost the front early on and had a bath in stinking bog water, much to juniors delight, ummm I think the dirt bike gods were dishing out a bit of karma there but my wet sandy balls an arse crack didn’t enjoy it . It was cold and it had be raining, which was a blessing as the sand was super soft, if it wasn’t wet it woulda been a nightmare even for hardcore sand riders like Pounce and myself.

Pete was having a ball on the 300, and junior spent the afternoon basking in my misery ......prick! So we headed across the dunes towards the beach down some soft steep dunes, mmmmm what goes down must come up, damn. At the coast the tide was in and I had to magic up a break lever tip outta a stick, turning a sticky situation into tricky situation . Oh yeah, where’s Tiger, ummm anyone looking out for the sweep?

A lot of hung heads an silence, whoops so much for team work. So we regrouped and decided to head back up the deep soft sandy dunes Pounce’s toys were well and truely outta the cot by this stage, but as it turns out “old man angry” does actually work with the anger focused the sand was a breeze . A couple of small dramas but we all made it up. We found Tiger, safe and no dramas, LOOK AFTER THE SWEEP BOYS!!!!

We started the trek back thru the marsh, which were deeper after each bike and were getting serious at the back of the pack. Lucky it wasn’t stinky bog water , didn’t worry me tho I was already wetter than a milf at the footy! Soooo Pounce’s bike copped a gut full of water, but the crusty pit crew had it going inside of ten minutes, lucky as it was cold and daylight was fast leaving us.

Quick cold ride back to the pub, lock the bikes up, beer o’clock! The evening was filled with much merriment lies an bullshit, great night, I even made stumps... true story!!!
Friday was done, great day some enjoyed it more than others, I heard Pete say it was his highlight of the weekend, but when I was laying in the bog water, it wasn’t a highlight for me , but was definitely a highlight for junior so hey it balances out! Thanks Jack for the warm up an Tiger thanks and sorry we left ya, I think we were all too pumped about the weekend, LOOK AFTER THE SWEEP!

Saturday report to come, Hooters

Ride report: Northcliffe Saturday
Players same as Friday plus Twoody, Jacko, Wayne ( Dazz mate) Ross, and minus Mickal

So Saturday broke, looking a bit wet, and a few dusty heads kicking around a few more joined us and Mickal bailed due to the dreaded gastro. A quick tube change on tigers bike and we were off, moose baby moose! Sweep duties were passed to Jacko, and we headed of about 9. A large crew 19 in total. Jack lead us off into the bush and away from the coastal sand and bog, I think I saw Pounce give him a kiss . Awesome open trails with super greasy clay to keep you on your toes, a throttle blip was all it took to do a full U turn! This move pulled off unintentionally by several players. The over grown trails were a bit tricky sometimes and occasionally just disappeared, a log was all it took to necessitate a foray into thick scrub. There were a few funny offs but nothing serious, Tommy’s log jumping was a bit random, sometimes working sometimes not, all a joy to watch , as usual the banter an piss taking was rampant and non one was safe. The cornerman system was working well, and we got back to refuel at quininnup.
Back into the bush more trails an log crossings, the terrain was a bit more challenging this leg, a few quite tricky spots and downhills. Great trails I was having a blast on the big 500, and rounding up junior all day was an added bonus, the 500 is just a horse power monster, great all round bike even with the big tank fitted can still carve trails. We headed back to Qininnup for more fuel an lunch we got bushed trying to find single track and decided to bail and take the bitchy..... anyone seen Tommy? So we all arrive back at the tavern, Anyone seen Tommy, ummm nope! His gps fell off where we got bushed and he got left behind. Anyway a few phone calls and he was found and on his way, poor form on our part tho. Never mind fair bump play on. Lunch beers and fuel, nice. A couple bailed at this point, but the majority headed back out, back into the bush again, more great fire trails and logs uphill down hill and vines, anyone say vines bloody things everywhere. So the arvo run was where the drama started, pounces bike was blowing oil like a 2T, and tigers had a gut full of water. So those two headed off, hour or so later junior was keeping an eye on the sweep and noticed the mighty beta had called it quits, locked up. A quick call to pounce and tiger and the recovery plan was executed, so lucky by a main road, towing thru the bush is always a nightmare. So the balance of the crew, now about a dozen carried on, more laughs an trails but no more drama, beer o’clock was called and we were back by about 5. Awesome day, few dramas offset by the crusty teamwork, but most importantly no injuries. Hats off to Jack for running a top weekend beers footy more lies and an early night for Hooters . Thanks Jack, Jacko for sweeping, Junior for being on to it and noticing Jacko breaking down, and everyone else for the banter.
Sunday’s ride was canned only biggles was man enough to gear up, he headed off for an explore solo, the rest of us bailed an cruised home, me via W.A. MARRON, about $20 each for a big one
Cheers again Jack. Now our newest member “hoofarted” Has organised a Pemberton ride for oct 18, 19 there’s only a few going at this stage, come on the wet season nearly over get on board!!!
See ya there, Hooters











































































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