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20th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland
Date 10/Oct/20
27 Riders Ash, Bigal, biggsy2712, Bunga, Colin, craig, Deets, FueltankerAllen, husq mike, Inver, Jack, Jaden, Jase400, JB, JerseyBoy, JVAJustin, Kyle564, Pas, Roley, Rothy, Steve, TigeR, ToddHusqy, Tom399, Tommy, Twoody, XRCass
Rider of the day Inver
Stack of the day Not awarded
Thanks for the ride today guys, well lead Inver. Good job keeping everyone together Cass and an awesome job with the big 20 on the hill. Great day, to have 19 riders and no incidents or mechanicals was amazing, cheers to 20 more years for the Crusty Quinns

Had a huge time in the sand, thanks all for a great day n evening, the last section of whoops was um, ah, challenging!

Classic hard core sand riding yesterday,,thick black dust and deep whoops,,with a few nice hillclimbs thrown in,, gotta love that,,Never To Old To Roost 
Good catch up and beers after,,great day all round
Thanks Inver for leading and Cass for sweep
Thats 19 riders two weeks in a row,,i think the Crustys will be around for a while yet,,cheers

Great ride organised by Inver and supervised by XRCass at the rear.
19 riders turned up for the sand blast on fast flowing trails, hill climbs and the obligatory whoops.
No hiccups got us back on time to OVT for our celebratory drinks with new and retired Crusty’s.

24hr’s later I’m starting to feel human again, one good tough ride it was.

Thanks Cass & Inver for putting together a great day yesterday and beers and feed afterwards. Young fellas showing the next generation coming through are bloody quick! Newcomers Biggsy2712 & JVAJustin will definitely be back again if smiles at end of the day tell a tale. I was flat knackered, if I had as much fuel left in my tank as the DRZ did, would have partied all night!

Hey fellas, pulled up not to bad after my first Crusty’s ride and congrats on the 20 years. Great mix of riders and the last set of whoops sure made that first pint go down well, hope the rest of the night went well ?????

Thanks to Inver for a great lead (ROTD) and Jase400 for sharing sweep duties.

Highlights for me:
- finding out at the riders meet that there are 19 riders (not just the 8 or so who posted on CQ web site)
- watching a Husky 701 chew through sand, whoops and hill climbs like an MX bike
- meeting some old riders on new bikes and some new riders on old(ish) bikes
- egging some of the young guns on for a bit of a drag as I collected the cornermen and then pulling out "cause I'm sweep" and not because they smoked me
- on one of the long straights after lunch there was a line of bikes disappearing way way into the distance. Looked great !

Cheers for 20th anniversary ride/drinks all. Never too old to roost.































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