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Sawyers Man on Man ride
Date 17/Oct/20
3 Riders JNR, KTMike, MickKal
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Since most of the Crusty regulars were down Pemby way for the 2 day ride there were a few stragglers feeling left out who wanted a local ride. So Jnr Called it on the main site and then posted up an Event on the Facebook page, then the fun began, I saw the Event pic and title change about 3 times but Jnr said it was closer to 10 times. First class shit slinging between B1 and the Sausage King.

The ride numbers went up to 5 then back down to 3 which ended up working out great dust wise, Jnr called the start for 8:30 but then turned up late with some lame excuse about needing more parts for the 690. So the 3 of us took off on the usual Sawyers tracks and headed to the first new single that I wanted to map out. Jnr took the lead and we went down one dead end then found the main single track which turned out to be ripper and it went for about 6klms towards the powerlines.

Then we headed east towards the creek run and arrived at the second section of new single that I wanted to map, it looked like a Tech section so Mike took the lead and it was also a great track that went for about 5klms, so 2 new ones for the favorites list. From there we sort of winged it up the big hill and then did a downward section of the extreme stuff and then headed back towards the cars. 80klms turned into 101klms and I was on reserve and knackered by time we hit the pub.
Bunga was waiting patiently for a chat, and we all had a beer or 3 to rehydrate. It was great having a small ride group which allowed us to do some exploring and everyone had a go at leading and sweep.



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