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November Rain
Date 14/Nov/20
16 Riders Bigal, Hazi, hoondog, Hooters, Jack, JB, Jed77, JNR, KTMike, Macca, MickKal, Pounce, ToddHusqy, Tommy, WR Ross, Zane
Rider of the day MickKal
Stack of the day Hooters

Excellent ride today who would believe you could get conditions like this in November.
Mickkal keeps on delivering perfect tracks with some new ones thrown in and a great bunch of guys to ride with a few offs nothing to worry about muddy hills and wet logs and puddles to splash through and not to mention what happened at the top of one hill when someone parked in the wrong place sorry mate ??/span
Happy days

Absolute wicked day today had a absolute blast & could've rode all day with those trials Mickkal, to everyone who showed up to enjoy... thank you, was a wicked crew with once again a bloody good turnout with heaps of laughs & no major injuries & mechanical issues ????/span
Beers & laughs afterwards is always a plus.

Ps PARKED ??????????

Awesome trails today Mickkal as always, I really enjoyed the hills and numerous logs, no dust was a huge bonus with the amount of riders today. Plenty of laughs today with a great bunch of Crusty's, beers and tall tails at the pub topped it off.
Cheers KTMike

Great ride gents, perfect conditions and trails
Thanks Mick for leading, excellent as always...Cheers to Macca for sweeping the first half and Tommy for sweeping the rest...including Hooters off his bike ??span
Not much footage today but may have abit of the aftermath of some bad parking

Awesome trails, as always well planned out and lead by Mick. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions, a great turn out and no real dramas. Thanks for the sweep Macca and Tommy, had an absolute blast. I will see you guys at the Mustang bar on the 19th if not before, Cheers

“The Sawyer’s Classic”
MickKal has called this ride a few times this year and it’s been perfected to the classic status.
Massive turn out of 17 riders for what may be the last wet ride for 2020. 

Plenty of silly stacks by everybody and with a group this size the pace was still fast. One minor mechanical fail on Macca’s Yamaha forced him to DNF. Pub grub and drinks at the end of the day topped it all off as a great day out.

Cheers to the Sweeps Macca and Tommy, MickKal for leading and everybody else who came along and provide trail side banter and entertainment.

What can you say, rain in November, 17 bikes & good blokes, no dust, no drama, lots of laughs, 2 brilliant fill ins, most single ridden in one day, rocks, logs, tired, dreams of rocks & logs, just brilliant.
Kudos Mick for calling & leading the ride, Macca & Tommy for sweeping & everyone in the middle.

I'm nominating Hooters for SOTD for making Tommy come off.

PS, the new GoPro 8 makes me look a lot better than I actually am, I got some good footage so a video will be coming, meanwhile there's some screen shots in the gallery



















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