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The season opener
Date 05/Mar/21
7 Riders Hooters, Jed77, JNR, Macca, MickKal, Pas, Zane
Rider of the day Macca
Stack of the day Hooters
Todays ride report: The season opener.
With the weather being kind to us it would be a crying shame to waste it. Mick called the ride and 7 of us jumped aboard. Not a bad turnout for a school day Mick, Jed, Junior, Hooters, Pas, Macca and me. Meet at Sawyers Valley 7.30, I rock up fashionably late as normal then off to the park spot. First drama of the day my truck goes into limp mode on the way up
Eventually we get there and gear up.
Mick leads and Macca takes sweep duties. Steady away into a few single tracks to ease us in (its been a while) then into the hills. Trails get better, pace gets quicker hills get tougher. All going great until Hooters spots a nice rock face to test our abilities Mick comes to a hault followed by me then Junior here comes the excuses "that bloody Pommy" hes always in my way same shit different ride
Anyway Junior picks up his dummy and we continue. Tons more single track, hills and creaks. Ahh speaking of creaks, Hooters must have been feeling the heat as he took a quick swim in one zero sympathy was given by myself, Junior and Jed whom all just laughed at the daft sod and revved our bikes in applause
Clearly none of us have grown up as roosts and soakings got bigger and better by the day, my best offering was to Pas who took it with real grace
Micks idea to get a few action shots at the top of a steep valley led us to our next highlight, Hooters and co cruise up with Jed and me next up. To my horror half way up Jed hits a neutral and almost stops dead, me fully committed behind get a smell of the hospital grub by some miracle Jed hooks a gear, I mess him and we both come out smelling of roses with the pic of the day
A few more big climbs and Macca is feeling the pain on the big 4 banger, deffo gets my vote for ride of the day for chasing all the smokers all day
Back to the trucks for a cold beer and a yadder to put the world to rights. All in all a bloody awsome season opener. Cheers boys, roll in the next one
Oh final point stack of the day has to go to Hooters for his little swim in the creek





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