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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Hooters - It's got to be hard to be good.
Date 18/Mar/21
4 Riders Flip, Hooters, Jed77, Zane
Rider of the day Zane
Stack of the day Jed77
So Hooters called a hard enduro ride for Thursday and a few Crustys answered the bell.
As with most of Hooters rides he neither leads or sweeps as his real talent is in recruitment, bless him.
Late start at the meet point but obviously not late enough for some, full english breakfasts take time to cook:)
Geared up and there's 6 of us, Hooters, Flip, Zane and myself. With 2 blokes from west oz single, Nathan who led all day( champ) and Luke(gun).

Into abit of single and then the the first hill. I remember doing this once before and it turned into a battle of bike drops and wheelspin. Not this time baby!! Slow and measured and I'm up!
Feeling quite pleased with myself but no high fives as this was about to change. Few more hills and then we see it. The sort of hill you think people only ride down not up,burnt out from the fires, long and steep.

There was no real line yet and more of a choose your own adventure path to the top. Well this is where my adventure started and almost finished. Yes there was multiple bike drops,sweating, pushing and a nice ghosty to get the bike to the top. While im sitting against tree trying to recover and second guessing my life choices hooters reaches for the phone camera. Not today team player!! With a face as red as Flips beta and the heart rate to blow up a fitbit the helmet gets quickly chucked back on.
By now theres a regroup and where going back down again, sweet. Only to turn round and go back up again!! Im looking for chicken tracks but apparently there all made by goats around here. Wheelspin is the order of the day and hooters forever the gentleman finds a line out and we follow, they dont call him teamplayer for nothing!

By now im not the only one cooking and we have a quick rinse in the water at the creek. Autumn my butthole! More single and a creek run with a few rocky climbs thrown in before we head back to the cars. Despite the monumental dust plume on the way back me and Flip still got lost, who'd have thunk it. Quick regroup and where back at the cars, no injuries and nothing a few electrolytes wont fix.

How many k's did we do? Rides like this are measured in metres gained!
Zane road well, seems a life of leisure really helps his riding:)
Hooters was great with a few tips that help on the big hills,churrs
Flip is still getting used to the new to him 300 but im sure he will be out on it again
As for me, well I'm writing this with a few ice bags strapped to me but all i can think about is when's the next one.

See ya's out there!








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