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Tight Arse Tuesday
Date 13/Apr/21
7 Riders Hoofhearted, husq mike, Jacko, KatoTodd, MickKal, Pounce, Tommy
Rider of the day Pounce
Stack of the day Tommy
Riders Pounce, HusqMike, Jacko, Hoofhearted, Todd, MickKal, Mystery Man
ROTD: Pounce
SOTD: Tommy
'Da rains are here', Pounce announced, if we get the timing right on Tuesday the conditions will be perfect, and they were. It pissed down down two days thanks to Cyclone Seroja, end of the summer dry so plenty of eager pilots ready to blow the cobwebs off the bikes. Those who work called a sickie and the retirees and FIFOs just came along 'coz they can'. 7 pilots started the day, Pounce out front and Husq Mike sweeping the crew, straight into the tight trails, to warm up. After 45mins we had trailed 10 kms so plenty more riding yet. Made our way to the scenic elevations and views across Lake Brockman, then down into the low lands of the hard packed but moist trails. Plenty of regrouping along the way which kept the group tight always in visual range. Pounce decided to explore the unexplored bushland a few times, which made for log hopping and bringing home some tree branch souvenirs. The SOTD went to the Mystery Man (we know who you are) Pounce executed the long slippery hill climb to perfection most followed, Husq Mike and MM flamed out half way up the hill, what to do next, launch from the stall point or ride back down and give it another crack ? Husq Mike decided on the later without any problem, MM decided to launch at full noise, quite spectacular to watch, resulting in a complete 180 degree back flip without the pilot, and carnage to the rear of the bike, MM took it all in his stride like he had practiced the maneuver in his sleep, no injury so all good, well done sir. Next, Pounce managed to find a pine pallet bridge that was installed some 50 years ago, it decintegrated as the second bike rode over it, Husq Mikes turn next! He was thinking don't fall here, and if you do, don't fall on the right shoulder which was recovering from last years get off. Murphys Law, slipped slided and down he went on the right wing, all hands on deck to retrieve the rider and the bike, Husq Mike got up and doesn't believe his luck, arm still lift above his head, sweet then we can have a laugh about it. We ended up completing 70kms back to the cars for some bench racing, beers and left wing/right wing banter. All agreed it was a great decision to ride in perfect conditions mid week, thanks to Pounce and the sweeps, Husq Mike and Jacko.

















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