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Dropping like flies
Date 01/May/21
13 Riders Flip, husq mike, Jack, Jacko, JNR, KTMike, Leafpaul, Macca, MickKal, Pas, ToddHusqy, Tommy, Zane
Rider of the day Jacko
Stack of the day KTMike
What a great day started off with 18 went down to 17 very early then another pulled out a case of wrong bike for the tracks we were riding 20ks later down to 14 I lost track of what was happening after that but i think 9 finish the ride on their bikes at the pub.
Mickkal done a fantastic job leading us all on good tracks and even finding new ones super sweep Jacko at his best even going back with his car and trailer to pickup a broken down bike what a legend ride of the day for your dedication 
Thanks to everyone else who turned up for the ride that's what makes it so much fun

Bloody good ride today just what I needed & I think everything was thrown out of whack with Zane actually not being late 
No injuries & only a little bike trouble but Jacko sorted that out for us while we was having a laugh & beers at the pub about the day legend Jacko & we all thought we fixed the problems in the world while waiting at the corner but when we were at the pub the Kung flu strikes again 
Thanks again to all that showed up & a great effort with the newbies, keep a eye out on the page cause there will be rides to suit you.
Ps KTMMike hope all is ok bud ??span

Cheers for the ride today everyone, Jacko was the standout for the day, Super sweep, Super Pickup and uncontested ROTD. KTMMike was unlucky enough to have a stack and hurt his ribs with in the first Kilometer of the ride which is an impressive effort so SOTD. 
Also the McGyver Award would have to go to Zane who managed to push Dorians broken bike down a 1km incline to the main road using his left foot to kick Dorians muffler as he rode next to him. 
We found a couple of new tracks today and smashed a few of the old favorites to make a good day out in perfect conditions. Dorian did a great job riding his ktm without any oil in the rear shock and Clint did well to finish the whole 90klm. Then to finish off we had a couple of frothies in the beer garden before the new lock down measures started.

Ride report : Dropping like flies. 
So Mick calls the ride and thr responce is good, 18 riders to start. I break tradition by being first on scene at 7.30AM ??oon followed by some of the Crustys usual suspects Jack, Macca, KTM Mike, Husky Mike, Tommy, JNR, Pas, Mickal, Jacko, Todd, Flip, and a few newbies (sorry I'm terrible with names) but you all know who you are. Stands up and off we go, litterally 2 mins into the first trail and we have our first incident KTM Mike is holing his ribs as I ride past and that would be the last I saw of him for the day, he deffo claims SOTD. The rest of us crack on in and hit a few twisty tracks, the guy on the huge DR650(sorry didn't catch your name) stops and says "Fark, is it all like this" to his dismay I simply say " yes its a single track day" as I watch the his soul float away through the top of his helmet he declares "I'm out". So 2 down in 15 minutes we head into the real bush. Being on the corner with Go Pro in hand throws in some real entertainment value, as JNR approaches seeing the camera he gets all showboat into the corner, foot out kicking up dirt only to cock it up and clip the tree??oon followed by Pas who did the exact same, pure gold??A few more KMs in and all seemed to be going well when 2 more bail on us, checking the clocks we have covered 20 kms and down to 14.
A particular stand out for me was Husky Mike, following him for a good 10 mins through a creek at a bloody good pace was inspiring, having not long been back in the saddle and at his tender age its bloody impressive ??Sorry about the drenching, I was trying to get Pas in his bright whites but just so happened that you were behind at the right moment. The pace definitely picked up and we were bar bashing at points or sometime just been kicked??JNR. Being dropped on a particular corner I soon found my self in harms way as every fooker seemed to fly out of the last blind corner in a 2 up head to head, first was Jack and Pas I believe, then the new lad on the Husky(sorry didn't grab your name) by this point i had moved out the way before beimg wiped out, good job coz seconds later Tommy and JNR come absolutely flying at me and straight past, JNR gives me his usual sh#t but I let it in one and out of the other, I mean come on I was wearing bright pink how the hell can you miss me??span
Anyway after wIting at the corner for half hour it was apparent something had happened, whilst I rubbed the pain from my ears burning, I soon saw Mick and Tommy heading back towards me, there is always that sinking feeling someone may be hurt but luckily we head back downbthe track to find its s breakdown. After an attempt or 2 at getting it going we opt to tow, Tommy and his big 4 banger have a go but we soon realise towing uphill isn't gonna work, we turn and head downhill with a few pushes from my boot we hit a road and Jacko heads of for a recovery vehicle, what a legend, the new felka sits alone in the bush staring at his new investment with dispare oil pissing from the rear shock front forks dead and not running, I think a little tear shedd from his eye when we all left. Back into the bush to regroup with the others, to be honest I'm not sure who was there and who had left by this point, we are running low on fuel and head back to the pub via a last bit of single. Throw the bikes on and grab a beer in the beer garden. Put the world to rights and laugh about the events of the day over a cold one. Thanks Mick for calling the ride and for the lead, cracking flowing trails today and also Jacko and Tommy for the sweep duties, ultimately Jacko has the ROTD for being a true legend and stepping into recovery man aswel????/span
Role on the next one fellas ??/span









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